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Get ready for your miracle!
Rich's bag of magical arguments is empty, though, when Isaiah starts making veiled threats against Richard's ex-wife, Norah, and her son. Dr. Richard gets freaked out and starts to leave. Never one to let a good dramatic moment slip by, there's just no way Isaiah is going to let anyone leave until he's finished his monologue. He speaks of Satan and ends with, "So hear me now, for I am come to ready his bed, he who will not die and he who does not bleed, for I will not die because I do not bleed." He even goes on to prove it by cutting his own finger off in the door and, well, not bleeding. Very good, Isaiah! I will give you an A for the monologue and an A+ for the not bleeding part. I might even have to give this scene an A+ for taking cheese to new heights. You think that's not a compliment, but it so is. Bravo, Revelations!

Richard decides not to take Isaiah's finger with him as a souvenir. As he's leaving, he calls his ex-wife and leaves a message on her answering machine telling her to watch her son all the time. Norah misses his call, but her son listens to the message and erases it. Understandable.

At home Dr. Richard listens to his own answering machine. Bet you'll never guess who called. Would you believe me if I said it was Isaiah saying, "Hey, Richard, pull my finger"? No? I wouldn't believe me either. Especially when you just know it's going to be Sister Josepha calling for the 400th time to tell you something stupid again. In this case she wants Dr. Richard to hurry down to Miami to help her with ComaGirl, who may be taken off life support soon. I'm not a hundred percent clear on how she wants him to help, though. I mean, she does know that there are different types of "doctors," right? And that Rich is an astrophysicist?

Dr. Richard has difficulty concentrating on his science-y stuff because he keeps thinking about Josepha and the "map" she gave him. Finally he opens up a box of cards his daughter has given him over the years and finds one with a picture of a donkey on it. It is almost identical to the one on ComaGirl's tic-tac-toe -- I mean, "map" -- except Lucinda's says "Daddy" underneath it. I must have dozed off and missed the flashback where she jokes that that's how she spells "jackass."

Commercial time. Hey, look -- it's a promo for…the Revelations pilot. That's right, the very episode you're watching right now. Because it's so good you have to watch it again on Sunday? You want to record it so you can watch it even more times? I finally realized that this may have been meant for people who had tuned in late and wanted to catch the show from the beginning. It took me a while to figure that out, though, as I was so busy pondering the implausibility of the first two options I mentioned.

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