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That Girl From Pyongyang (Unfurled My Long Wang)
it was a Bear Claw between two pieces of bread. Also, it tastes less good when you're 29 than it does when you're 10. Anyhoodle, back on the beach, Mercutio reiterates that he didn't do anything to inspire Jin's attack. Jin angrily shouts something, translated by my friend Denny, who speaks Korean, as "These handcuffs are hott!" It turns out that in Korean, just as in English, there's a difference between the words for "hot" and "hott." Sayid insists, "Surely there must be something you're not telling us?" Surely every screenwriter must know by now that to have a character start a sentence with "surely" is to inspire the irrational expectation in audiences that another character will respond, "Don't call me Shirley"? Mercutio asks Sayid where he's from, and Sayid says, "Tikrit." Interesting. Home of Saddam, right? "Iraq," he clarifies. Mercutio shouts that in the U.S., Korean people don't like black people. Walt gives an angry look at Jin and Sun. Sun points at her wrist, referring, we'll find out later, to Mercutio's wristwatch, but everyone thinks she's asking to have Jin's cuffs removed. Sayid yells that the cuffs stay on. Sawyer cracks, "A little louder, Omar, maybe she'll understand you." Hurley obliviously keeps referring to Jin as "the Chinese dude" and points out he won't last long in the sun. Sayid says the cuffs stay on until they figure out why Jin did what he did.

Flashback to Koreastralia. A long-haired Sun stands on a bridge at the Valley of the Temples, looking down at the massing koi below. A downcast Jin approaches; Sun asks how the conversation with her father went. Jin grins and tells her that her father gave permission. She throws her arms around him and shrieks happily. Jin adds that he will have to take a year of management training and work in her father's factory as well. Sun looks skeptical about the deal, but seems much happier when Jin produces a diamond ring. They embrace, Sun staring at the ring on her finger.

Charlie's still standing on the beehive. Hey, what kind of bees are these? I'd say bumble. Bumble in the jungle! Jack's got a bag to cover the hive with, but Charlie's busy freaking out. "This is the most crap idea ever," he cries. Just as Jack's about to cover the hive, Charlie gets stung on the face and, slapping at it, steps forward and splits the hive. Dangerous CGI bees fly everywhere. Locke and Charlie tumble in the jungle in one direction, while Kate and Jack run back to the Grotto, swatting all the way. They strip off their bee-filled shirts; Kate edges into a cave, where she's extremely surprised to find a desiccated corpse.

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