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That Girl From Pyongyang (Unfurled My Long Wang)
Commercials! Including one for Lil' Smokies Cocktail Weenies. I can't think of a more déclassé food, or one I would rather eat six pounds of right now. If I wasn't still processing 38 grams of sugar.

Jack and Kate lug gallons of water away from the Grotto. Kate bends over to tie her shoe; noticing Jack's gaze, she playfully asks if he's checking her out. "If I was checking you out, you'd know it," Jack says. Actually, I think the only people from whom that statement is necessarily true are blind people. Kate asks what he was thinking then, and he says he was thinking about how they could build a dam around the spring and move the infirmary off the beach. Kate looks crestfallen that Jack wasn't thinking about her ass. "It makes sense," Kate says. "But...?" Jack prompts. "No but," Kate replies. Heh. No butt. That's not what I saw. Jack says that because the castaways are still waiting for a rescue boat to come, "we're gonna have a lot of convincing to do." "'We'?" Kate says. "You still haven't convinced me yet."

Back at the grotto, Charlie wanders into the woods, only to be followed by Locke. Resistant to Charlie's protests that he's just going to the loo, Locke says that the danger in the woods mean he's not going to lose sight of Charlie for a second. "I know who you are," he says. "And I know what you're looking for." Charlie looks nervous, but breaks into a delighted grin when Locke says, "Driveshaft. You played bass." Charlie can't believe Locke's heard of the band, but Locke says that just because he's a geezer with 400 knives doesn't mean he doesn't know music. "I have both your albums," he says, "although I thought that your self-titled debut was a much stronger effort than Oil Change." How delightful that Driveshaft's second album is called Oil Change. Locke asks Charlie how long since he played his guitar, and Charlie replies, "Eight days, eleven hours, give or take." Locke suggests the guitar could have survived the crash, but Charlie says he doesn't think so. He calls the guy at the Oceanic desk who made him check it a "fascist." Locke crouches down before Charlie and tells him he'll see his guitar again. "What makes you say that?" Charlie asks. "Because I have faith," says Locke. Charlie gives the kind of grin one gives when one realized one is stuck camping all night with a Jesus freak.

Sayid's choppin' wood when Kate and Jack return. The purpose of this shot is so that we won't be surprised when that axe shows up later. (According to people who make things up on the boards, many airplanes have hidden axes stored on them. For fires, I guess. This seems insane.) As the three of them sit and drink, Sayid tells Jack that he thinks Sun knows why Jin attacked Mercutio. Jack tells Sayid he wants to move the camp up to the Grotto. Sayid is upset Jack made this decision for everyone, and asks what happened to "live together, die alone." The castaways need to stay on the beach and keep a signal fire burning in hopes of rescue, Sayid says. Jack counters that all those people sitting in the sun far from water is suicide. Sayid stalks away; "I'm not going to admit defeat," he grumbles. In the jungle.

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