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That Girl From Pyongyang (Unfurled My Long Wang)
Midsection Beach. Mercutio watches Walt and Victor play, and then sees Jack talking to a few extras about moving to the Grotto. "I already gave you my statement, Sheriff," he says as Sayid approaches. Sayid tells him he came to apologize. "You were the victim in this morning's attack." Mercutio asks why he really came over; Sayid says he wants to take Mercutio's temperature about Jack's Grotto plan. "I got one priority right now, and that's getting my kid off this island," Mercutio responds. "A boat passes, I'm not gonna be on the hook for missing it."

Jack hands a bottle of water to the still-handcuffed Jin and tells him to drink it slowly. He finds Hurley engaging in some telegenic castaway busywork and tells him he's glad he's coming. "I go where the boar's at," says Hurley. "So," he adds, "what up with you and Kate?" Hurley seems excited to be hanging out with the cool kids. "You guys gonna move into a cave together or what?" Jack laughs and asks if he's in high school. Wait! I got it! This entire show, all this danger and death and monsters and adventure, is actually a metaphor for high school! It's Buffy in reverse!

Sawyer approaches Kate, who's sitting on Broody Beach. Two patented Sawyer nicknames and some space-filling banter later, we establish that neither one of them wants to tell the other whether they're heading for the caves or staying on the beach.

Mercutio's chopping wood when Sun approaches him. Before she speaks, we get another flashback to Koreastralia. A short-haired Sun speaks with an interior designer while Jin looks on; they seem to be redecorating their apartment. They move to another room to keep from bothering Jin, who's on the phone. In the bedroom, the designer quietly asks Sun if she's ready and if she has been taking her lessons. Knitting lessons? How nice! I always wanted to learn how to knit. "Do you realize that your husband and your father will do everything they can to find you?" she asks. Huh? I wish some explanation was given for why, exactly, Sun just can't get a divorce like millions of people around the world. Maybe divorce is illegal in Koreastralia. The designer gives Sun an envelope full of what appear to be fake passports and tells her to walk out of the airport at 11:15. This just gets weirder and weirder. Why does she need new ID? Is her father going to kill her? Why? And unfortunately, it doesn't seem weird the way, say, Locke's story seems weird, where we feel it's a glorious mystery that the writers are intentionally leaving open-ended. It seems weird in a way that suggests the writers think we should understand what's going on here, but failed to write these scenes clearly enough to make it apparent. The designer tells Sun that at first her family will believe she has been kidnapped; after a

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