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That Girl From Pyongyang (Unfurled My Long Wang)
week or so, she is free to move wherever she wants. Sun repeats the time she is supposed to sneak away: "11:15, 11:15, 11:15."

Sun watches Mercutio chop wood, then steps out of the bamboo grove. "I need to talk to you," she says in English, helped by her apparently fantastic knitting lessons. "You speak English?" a Mercutio asks in disbelief. "Why didn't you say anything?" Sun says that her husband doesn't know she speaks English. "What my husband did to you -- it was a misunderstanding," she says, employing a complicated syntax that no non-native English speaker who just finished English lessons would ever use. She explains that Jin attacked him because the watch Mercutio found two days ago and is wearing now belongs to her father. That raises the interesting question: was Sun's father on the plane? Why else would that watch be there? Sun says, "Protecting that watch is a question of honor." Again, why the tortured syntax? I took five years of French and I could barely construct that sentence en français. In fact, I would never try. I would say, "My husband honors the watch," or something half-assed like that. Sun must've been a hell of a knitting student. Sun says she needs Mercutio's help.

Charlie sneaks away from the Grotto, only to come face to face with Locke at the base of a cliff. Charlie looks impressively bee-stung. Not his lips, though. Just his whole face. "Listen to me, you old git," Charlie says, the closed captioning translating "git" as "geek" again, "I'm going into the jungle." Locke stares impassively. "A man has a right to some privacy!" Charlie adds. "Just give it to me," Locke replies, holding out his hand. He knows that Charlie is running low; if he gives up the drugs now, at least it'll be his choice. Charlie bristles, but Locke pushes on, telling him he can help with the detox. "Do you want your guitar?" Locke asks. Charlie looks like he's ready to cry. "More than you know," he says. Locke tells him that the island may give Charlie what he's looking for. "But you have to give the island something," he adds. We see Charlie's resolve crumble. In the jungle. He hands over the heroin, and Locke says, "Look up." Charlie groans and says, "You're not going to ask me to pray or something." Locke points to the cliff face above them; Charlie's guitar is halfway up the cliff, nestled in some tree branches.

Broody Beach. Jack approaches a sad and pensive Kate, telling her it's almost time to go, but Kate says she can't do it. "I don't want to be Eve," she says. "Someone else can stay here, keep a lookout, wait for rescue," Jack pleads. "Why does it have to be you?" After a silence, Jack asks Kate how she got to be this way. "What did you do?" he asks. "You had your chance to find out," Kate snaps. Her sleeves are rolled way up and reveal, as her tank top did last episode, that she has extremely muscular arms. Hopefully she can keep lifting weights while stuck on an island. Maybe she can find a dumbbell. In the jungle. So why all the emotional wreckage this episode? Why is this such a big deal? Again, there seems to be a lot of information that should have helped us make sense of this scene that simply never appeared on screen. They really tried to cover a lot of island-centric plot this episode; jammed into 44 minutes alongside all the flashbacks to Koreastralia, the compressed plot developments don't quite track. Jack leaves, telling Kate she knows where to find him. "You know where to find me too," she whispers, to no one.

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