How Titus Pullo Brought Down The Republic

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How Titus Pullo Brought Down The Republic

Cut to the river. The Rubicon, I presume. A small boy fishes as Caesar rides his beautiful white horse over the river (and through the woods, at some point, probably, although I doubt he will be stopping at his grandmother's), followed by his entire legion. The kid watches, fascinated. Marc Antony sees him, and winks.

Behind them a ways, the infirmary cart splashes into the water. Inside, Vorenus wakes up to see Pullo watching him sleep. Ah, young love. "Water?" Pullo offers. Vorenus, a real brain trust, notes that they're moving. "Where to? It's a river. What river?" he asks, looking out the window. "This is the Rubicon!" Vorenus deduces. Pullo tells him to stay calm. "This is rebellion and treason and I am no traitor," Vorenus says, trying to sit up. Pullo shrugs that it's too late, because they're already in Italy. "You're a rebel, whether you like it or not," he says. Vorenus shakes his head. "Caesar, Caesar. What have you done?" he mutters. Pullo points out that the big guy really had no choice: "Pompey did try to kill Marc Antony, after all." Vorenus rolls his eyes and says that Pullo, of all men, should not try to make that argument. Vorenus would know that Crazy Hair was going after Pullo is beyond me. "You know who was being attacked," he adds. But how do YOU know? You weren't at the bar. I guess he just assumed...although why he didn't assume what everyone else assumed, I don't know "I don't know what you mean," Pullo says, and Vorenus tells him that it doesn't matter" "We're all dead men, anyhow." Pullo sort of rolls his eyes and says that he thinks they'll be all right. He offers Vorenus the canteen again. "Better to die of thirst," Vorenus brats. "Don't be foolish," Pullo says, and makes him drink.

Rome. Some dude comes tearing out of his house to scream to the streets that Caesar is in Italy. I guess he read that on the internets or something.

House of Vorenii. Vorena comes inside and asks her mother if she's heard the news, which she has. The baby begins to cry, and Vorena picks him up and hands him over to Niobe. "What's going to happen?" she asks. "War is going to happen," Niobe tells her, as she holds the baby to her breast. "Who's my greedy little piglet?" she croons to the infant, as it latches on and drinks. And I really hate to say it, but duh.

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