How Titus Pullo Brought Down The Republic

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How Titus Pullo Brought Down The Republic

As they walk off, Octavian hears Octavia's sobbing from another room. "Women's troubles," Julii explains. "Nothing a good leeching won't cure." That's true of so many things.

Over in the darkened Senate, Marc Antony looks bored as some people in robe-type things make some kind of...something to Jupiter. I don’t know. It appears to be an offering or a ritual to protect Marc Antony as the "new elected Tribune of Plebs." I'm sure it's all very interesting.

Over at Julii's, she and Vorenus and Pullo chat about all the men they've killed. Well, Julii isn't talking specifically about all the men she's killed, although I'm sure she's responsible for the deaths of one or two, much in the way that the divine Alexis Carrington Colby was responsible for certain people dropping dead on Dynasty. Like the time she killed Cecil Colby by sleeping with him. I'm sure Julii has done that. In fact, I suspect Julii has many things in common with Alexis, up to and including, I would wager, a fondness for fur headdresses. Anyway, it is in this scene that we learn that Vorenus does things by the book! He's a "strict Catonian"! He's a rule-follower! A straight shooter! He doesn't take risks! While Pullo, he flies by the seat of his pants! He doesn't believe in religion! He's a scamp! He's a scoundrel! He does things by his own rules! Man, these two are just a buddy movie waiting to happen. Finally, everyone gets to talking about the need for changes in the Republic. Vorenus is, of course, in favor of the status quo, but Octavian, surprisingly (to me, the uneducated) is for change. He reminds everyone that people are suffering, and that "the streets are full of the homeless and the starving." Julii notes, amused, that she had no idea her son was "such a firebrand." Octavian: "The nobles say that Caesar is a war criminal. They say he wishes to march upon Rome and make himself king." Vorenus: "That is sacrilege. No man of honor would follow him." Me: "Wow, this all makes a lot more sense the second time I'm watching it. Especially when I have to transcribe the dialogue instead of kind of pay attention while also reading Star." Pullo pipes up that he, then, is no man of honor, because he'd like to see Caesar ride in "with elephants, and squash Cato and Pompey and anyone who wants it." Gosh, I sure hope that Pullo and Vorenus learn to get along, and watch out for each other, becoming friends in spite of their differences. But what are the chances? Julii sort of heads this argument off at the pass by offering everyone "a dormouse," which does look divine, if you like dormice. However, suddenly, both men have to go. Go figure. As they prepare to leave, Julii notes that they make "unlikely friends." That, in fact, is the entire basis of the buddy movie, Julii! How quickly you catch on. At this, Vorenus is quick to point out that he and Pullo are not friends: "I am his superior officer." Pullo grins. "By virtue of rank, if nothing else," he says. Finally, Vorenus has had enough. They both begin to storm out. Julii watches them go, and calls this exchange "most refreshing." She calls after them and asks them to come back and see Octavian, who needs "reliable friends." She hopes she can depend on them. They say she can. And leave. Oh, those two! Can't they see they're IN LOVE?

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