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Post-credits, Cuddy has brought Alfredo's case to Wilson and the lollipop-sucking House, who wonder how falling off a roof can make a man's fingers turn black. House knows he has an entire episode ahead to make sarcastic remarks at Cuddy's expense, so he refrains from doing it here and simply says that Alfredo's fall might have done something to his spine that restricted blood flow. But he can't resist making a crack about Cuddy's jogging clothes, which she is still wearing, noting that her tank top "really absorbs moisture." I'm not sure if he's talking about the weird red stain on her stomach or the patch of sweat around her cleavage area, neither of which makes much sense, since the red stain doesn't look like blood (nor would I expect to see any, since I didn't see Alfredo bleed in the ambulance), and I was not aware that the air between one's boobs had the sweat glands you'd need to make a sweat patch like that. ["Uh...if you really sweat a lot, the separate boob sweat patches can spread toward one another. This happened to a friend of mine." -- Wing Chun] Cuddy responds by throwing a shirt over herself, and House continues by saying that Alfredo could have DIC -- disseminated intravascular coagulophathy. Wilson doesn't seeing how a clotting problem could be caused by a fall off a roof. House says that trauma sometimes activates the body's clotting enzymes. House takes the file from Cuddy, who starts to thank him for doing her a solid until he makes it quite clear that he couldn't care less. Cuddy seems surprised by this, for some reason.

Cuddy joins House in the meeting room for the differential diagnosis, and then volunteers to go do Alfredo's bloodwork. House nixes that, saying that Cuddy hasn't been a "real doctor" in ten years, as if hospitals in real life don't relegate phlebotomy work to the lowest rungs of the hierarchy, who are probably a lot better at venipuncture than doctors are anyway. House orders the Cottages to get the blood, saying that they're more qualified to do it since they showered today.

The next time we see Cuddy, she's showered too, and is back to wearing her standard tight clothes with revealing bust line, which really aren't all that different from her jogging clothes when you see them described on paper. She watches from outside Alfredo's room, concerned, as Chase talks to Alfredo. And then the horrible Stacy creeps up behind Cuddy and rather invasively sticks her head next to Cuddy's ear and tells her not to see or talk to Alfredo. You see, Stacy is a Lawyer, and her Lawyer advice is for Cuddy not to let her guilt over what happened to her handyman on her property make her say something stupid -- like "I'm sorry" -- that would indicate culpability at the inevitable lawsuit. "Don't go in there," Stacy concludes. It's scenes like this where you see what an integral and necessary addition to this show the Stacy character really is.

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