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Crappy Thanksgiving

The Mitchells and "Kyle" finally are seated for Thanksgiving dinner. They all hold hands as Arthur prays. Dexter looks at the linked hands. Arthur starts to cut the turkey and tells "Kyle" they have a family tradition of saying what they're thankful for. He says he's thankful for this family, and then asks Sally. She's thankful for this lovely home, and for her son. Arthur asks if that's all, and she says her beautiful daughter, too. She's so blessed. Rebecca's thankful Mrs. Wilder gave them an extra two days to finish their report. And she's also thankful for this nice home. DVO wonders if this is how you survive here. Jonah says he's thankful for this house, too, and for God. Arthur says he's thankful for his car, and glares. Wait, he already went! Dexter says he's thankful for yams. Which is hilarious anyway, but especially so since that other show that also had a surprising Thanksgiving episode, Heroes, also had a creepy guy making everyone do this and someone piping in last to say "yams." Weird coincidence? Or do the shows share writers? Arthur says that no one said they're thankful for him. "Did you, Jonah?" Jonah says he didn't say that, because he's not. I LOVE HIM. Sally smiles and says she's so thankful for Arthur. He says, "Shut up, cunt," but keeps his focus on Jonah. Dexter: "Woah, Arthur." Arthur thinks it's time for him to go, but Dexter says he thinks he should say. Jonah jumps up and screams for him to stay and watch the show. Rebecca tells Arthur she's thankful for him, but he replies, "Go to your room, Vera." Jonah yells that she's not Vera and she's not a prisoner, and she's not eight. He says this whole life is a lie and he picks up one of his trophies and throws it at a mirror. He says he knows who Arthur really is. "You're a killer." Dexter and Arthur both look shocked he knows, but Jonah goes on: "Sucking the fucking life out of all of us." I hate when shows do that. Too easy.

Jonah's freaking out, and knocks down all of the plaques. Rebecca runs in, and Arthur throws her. Jonah picks up the urn, and says, "Fuck you, and fuck Vera." He throws it against the wall, shattering it. Arthur goes nuts and starts to strangle Jonah, but Dexter goes just as nuts, rips his belt off and, with a menacing, "Get the FUCK off him!" lunges forward and puts the belt around Arthur's neck. He drags him to the kitchen as Rebecca shrieks, "No! Dad! Dad!" As if he doesn't deserve it, but obviously it's understandable because she can't help loving him. Very sick and sad. Dexter closes the kitchen door, pulls a knife behind him and tells Arthur, "I should have fucking killed you when I had the chance." But the women run in, shrieking when they see Dexter's knife. Arthur plays the innocent and when Dexter lets them go, he cuddles the girls in the corner as they cry. Jonah looks on, but doesn't seem to care what Dexter did, other than possibly to root for it. Dexter looks helpless and worried that he let it get to this point, and runs out.

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