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Crappy Thanksgiving

Jonah storms out of the house and gets into the hot rod his dad gave him. He peels away with a "Fuck you, Dad." As Dexter follows, Harry tells him it's family business. But Dexter says it's his business too. He finds Jonah hitting baseballs and Dexter Voice-Over says that's a healthy way to blow off steam. But then Jonah starts bashing the car with the baseball bat. Dexter stops him, and Jonah asks "Mr. Butler" what he's doing here. Dexter explains he saw him arguing with his father, but Jonah says he never argues. Dexter says it still looked bad, and Jonah says Dexter has no idea what Arthur's like, how he treats Sally and Rebecca, or him. He says he hits him, and Dexter says, "That's not right." Which could meant that it's not right to hit your child, of course. But the way he says it, it also sort of means that's not the pattern Dexter's been looking for here, since he thinks Arthur's his mentor or something. Jonah says he's running out of clich├ęs to tell the coaches for where he got bruises. He says living in that house isn't a life when Arthur's there; it's a tour of duty. Jonah says his dad would kill him if he knew he was telling him this, but Dex promises not to tell. Then Jonah says Dexter should have just let him die. As he starts to leave, and says he's never going back with the car like this, Dexter offers to go with him and be there when he tells him. Jonah asks why, and I have to wonder the same thing. I mean, why not let the kid run away, especially if the plan is to kill Arthur? Wouldn't one witness fewer be a good thing? But they agree that Dexter will show up for Thanksgiving the next day at 1, and Jonah will stay with a friend until then. DVO says he guesses he's having two turkey dinners this year. Oh, Dexter, stop bragging.

His VO continues as he arrives at work, with officers milling about as usual. He stands in front of a stick-on window picture of a cornucopia, as he makes a bad pun about the cornucopia of criminals the DNA sweep brought in, though it obviously didn't bring in Trinity. He thinks the criminals will keep Miami off the Trinity case through the holiday, but that Deb won't be as easy. Which she proves by telling him she's sorry about Thanksgiving dinner, but she's spending it here with her new friends. And by that she means pictures of Trinity's victims' dead bodies. It's pleasant. She explains that the bathtub women are always young and single -- a first girlfriend, maybe? Dexter sighs, worriedly, but she's not there yet, Dex. I know you can stay ahead of her. The jumper is always a mother of two, so maybe his mom? Or his wife, but Deb doesn't think this guy's married (wrong again). And the bludgeonee (love that word) is always a father. Dexter stops her and reminds her she used to love Thanksgiving when they were little; she used to wear politically incorrect Indian headdresses and pick pearl onions out of the green beans. Deb reminds him those were mom's green beans, and then she died and it was just the three of them, with football, TV dinners (hence the episode title?) and aluminum trays. "Talk about your lonely." Except that is not lonely compared to spending the day with dead body photos. Dexter says she won't get the chance to be lonely at his house. She snaps that she's lead detective on the biggest case of her career, so she can't leave. He's confused, so she fills him in on being made lead when they discovered Trinity didn't shoot her or kill Lundy (all news to Dex, so she exposits a bunch of stuff for those pretend people who didn't watch the previous episode). Dexter wonders how he didn't see that, but she says they were too close and that's what happens when you make it personal. He asks who shot her, then, and she says she'll ask Trinity when she brings him in. Dex pleads with her to come to Thanksgiving, but she's not budging.

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