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Crappy Thanksgiving

Angel interrupts to tell the room how the DNA sweep has been like Christmas, with hits on a rape case, some burglary cases and even two homicides. He hands a homicide case to some background guy, and keeps one for himself. When Deb asks him about leads, he just told her to focus on catching Trinity. Angel goes into LaGuerta's office and they discuss how the ACLU wants to shut down their sweeps, so they need to do what they can while they can and keep pushing harder. She's not much for family holidays, since hers is in Cuba and his daughter's with her mom, plus he has a chance to close an old case of his, so ... they both plan to work Thanksgiving. Together. They give each other bedroom eyes, but nobody cares.

When Dexter arrives home, Rita and the kids are stringing their own Thanksgiving decorations as he VOs, "Are happy families all alike?" Well, maybe, but I have never been to a Thanksgiving with decorations, and especially that are hung the day before. They greet Dexter, and Rita thanks him for bringing pies. In the kitchen, Dexter continues his game with the turkey, as he holds a knife to it and says, "Come on, bird, confess: How big are ya?" Rita interrupts, "Twenty-two pounds," clearly not getting the joke. And when did she become unbearable, anyway? Dexter lies that tomorrow he has to do a blood spatter thing for the Monroe County police, whose blood guy's in the Bahamas. She looks annoyed, but he says it will just take a few hours and pay triple overtime. Okay, so where does he come up with the money for this when he's lying to her that he'll get it? He's probably hoarding all sorts of money in another apartment somewhere, or in his dad's old house or something. Rita says, "Poor you. Poor us. At least Elliott will be here." Dexter sarcastically says, "Good old Elliott." Rita asks if Deb's coming and when he says she's on the fence, she tells him to tell her that this is their first family Thanksgiving, and they're establishing traditions that will shape their kids, and she's an important part of that. Or, I don't know, Rita: Tell her yourself. But instead Dexter makes a cute video of the three kids looking sad that she's not coming, and they send it to her at work.

At work, she watches it, and says "Fuck me" ... because you know those little pleaders got to her. She sees Masuka working and comments on how late he's there, but he hadn't noticed. He says he has no plans for Thanksgiving because he can eat turkey any day of the year. Then she invites him to Dexter's since she'll need a wingman. He immediately says, "Yes!" But she tells him she can't promise it will be fun.

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