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Crappy Thanksgiving

Gratuitous post-shower shot of a naked Christine. Quinn gives her a towel and they cuddle as she asks what time he wants to meet tomorrow. He tells her he has to work and her face falls. She asks when he gets off, and says, "You do want to spend the holiday together, don't you?" He responds that spending the holiday together makes things all serious. Which is a "no," for anyone who's confused. She says it's just a casual Thanksgiving with his girlfriend, but he thinks "girlfriend" sounds really serious. She doesn't want to spend it alone, though, plus she makes amazing pecan pie. He says he'll come by for dessert and giggles as she gets all close to his face and says, "So you just want to eat my pie, is that it?" Dirty! They laugh and kiss.

Thanksgiving morning. Arthur opens the "Journal Dispatch" newspaper and finds a front-page story by Christine (with her photo, which is very newspapery, don't you think?) about the Oceangate bludgeoner remaining at large. And the story goes all the way across the top with a two-line headline, which would make you think the world ended. Or, at the very least, that they'd caught a murderer. But, nope, just your basic, "Murderer still not caught." That is news, people! Anyway, Arthur looks panicked as he reads, though he replies a sweet "Happy Thanksgiving" to a neighbor kid who rides his bike by and greets him. You know, just so we all know how nice and normal he appears while reading articles about his murders.

Back at Dexter's, he VOs that he'll be at Arthur's by 1 and back home by 4 -- "a serial killer's Thanksgiving recipe for success." I don't like when he calls himself a serial killer in his DVO. I'm not sure why, but it seems weird to me. I know he is, but he shouldn't call himself that. It's sort of how fat people shouldn't call themselves fat and ugly people shouldn't say they're ugly. Just pretend it's not that way, even to yourself, Dexter. Denial is all we have. Anyway, he walks in on Elliott making stupid jokes about the turkey. Cody and Astor think he's hilarious, as does Rita. Elliott innocently throws a "Hey Dex" Dexter's way, which Dexter reciprocates with a completely unjealous, "Howdy, Pilgrim." This gives Cody an opportunity to talk about what the pilgrims ate on the first Thanksgiving and that gives Astor an opportunity to be a typical emo kid, all upset that the pilgrims slaughtered the Indians and then went to church. Dexter looks shocked. He is a serial killer, but a teenager speaking plainly about history shocks him. I'll never figure the guy out. But then again, if I could, we might have a problem. Rita tells Dexter it's a phase, but he wonders if him going to work is going to misshape the kids. He doesn't want to do any damage, but Rita says that's what parents do, but hopefully they do enough good stuff to balance out. Elliott watches, and Rita doesn't seem that sad Dexter's leaving.

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