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Crappy Thanksgiving

Back at the office, Quinn shows up and tells Deb he's avoiding Christine, who can be "a little intense." Deb laughs, "Tell me about it," since she keeps calling to set up that interview with her. Quinn reminds her she said she would, but Deb says she's a little busy here with Trinity. She then tells him about the timing of the Trinity kills: Fifteen in December, 40 in July and August, 20 or so in the spring. She asks what the pattern is, and Quinn guesses truck driver, migrant worker or salesman. Um, how does that have anything to do with that timing, moron? Christine shows up with a pie, and Deb mutters about her persistence. Christine says she brought enough pie for both of them, but Deb says she's heading out. Christine guesses he can take the day off if Deb can, and Deb says, "Sure he can!" He goes to check with the boss, leaving Deb and Christine alone.

Christine asks how Deb's feeling, and Deb asks if they can put off the interview until after the holiday. Christine says she's not here as a reporter, but as Quinn's girlfriend. She says that he really cares about Deb and that she was all he could talk about after she got shot; it really messed him up. And yet Christine's acting all sweet and not jealous? Hmmm. I wonder why that is. Deb says that makes "two of us." Christine gets serious, and tells Deb she really wanted to tell her how sorry she is. "I can't even imagine looking into the eyes of the person you love, watching as he takes his last breath." Deb looks sort of moved, and says she hopes Christine never has to. Uh-oh, is that foreshadowing? Nah, Christine can't possibly love Quinn.

Some old guy's being hauled away when LaGuerta sees him and automatically knows that Angel somehow got Lloyd Paulsen to confess. Angel says he's been waiting ten years to close this one, since he promised the victim's husband he'd find the man who killed his wife and he finally did. LaGuerta says he should go tell the husband, and he's going to. He invites her, and she's like, "Seriously? To a next-of-kin notification?" Come on, Maria, it's not like he asked you to go with him to tell the guy his wife died. This is good news -- or, at least as good as it can be in this situation. He says it is official business. I love how they're justifying spending all this time together as long as it's "work." Or, you know, hooking up at work. She nods flirtatiously.

Dexter shows up unexpectedly at the Mitchells', and Sally looks surprised, as she greets "Kyle." Arthur's surprised, too, but at least he seems like it's somewhat of a pleasant surprised. Sally's wearing a sour face as DVO says he guesses Jonah didn't mention inviting him. Well, that's because he was not going home until you were there to keep him safe, nimrod. Was that not clear? Dexter says he just wanted to drop by and say hi; it's his first Thanksgiving without his family and he didn't know what to do with himself. Arthur invites him in, all "Full tables, full hearts, full bellies." Is that even a thing?

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