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Crappy Thanksgiving

Deb shows up at Dexter's with a bunch of files and thanks the kids for the video. From the kitchen, Rita says "Hi, Deb," then Elliott, "Hi, Deb." Deb says, "Hi." Then asks Astor in a whisper who that guy is. She explains, and Deb asks Rita where Dexter is. When she tells her he's at a crime thing but will be back for dinner, Deb mutters he's more like dad every day. Immediately, Cody starts bugging Deb to do a puzzle with them, but she says she has work to do. Astor cutely tells him to leave Deb alone. But Deb can't resists Cody's sad face, so she gets up to do the puzzle with them. In the kitchen, Rita and Elliott discuss the food and how much time it all will take when it dawns on her that she doesn't have room in her oven for all of it. Why would that just now occur to her? I mean, why couldn't the show have just written it such that they already planned to use Elliott's oven. But whatever. They decide to cook some stuff in his oven -- actually, two ovens. She tells him he's a lifesaver. Then they take a bunch of trays and head next door. Rita asks Deb to watch the kids, and doesn't even listen when Deb's like, "Actually, I was going to try to get some..." Vince is at the door when Rita and Elliott open it, so introductions are made. Then Deb explains they're using his oven, and Masuka says he guesses he'll be using it, too, for his specialty, chocolate lava cakes. Yes, this is all boring, but it will come in to play later. Deb can't believe he has a specialty, and Masuka describes it as "a river of chocolate love that melts in your mouth." She marvels at his ability to make anything sound perverted. It's a gift.

Close-up of Arthur's knife as he's chopping carrots. DVO notes his decent mood and hopes he can slip out early. Dexter asks if he should set the table since it's almost 1, but Arthur says they have to watch the game first. Why can't they just pass out in front of a game after they eat, like the rest of America? Arthur, disgusted, says, "It's tradition, Kyle." Then he says it's also tradition for the kids to be there, but Jonah's apparently forgotten. Sally sweetly says she's sure he's on his way, since he knows how important holidays are to Arthur. Arthur makes a jerk face, and DVO says it's not such a good mood after all. Sally asks if Arthur thinks Rebecca can come out now, and he says he guesses he'll go get her. Dexter asks if she's grounded or something and Sally sweetly says, "Oh, no, no, nothing like that," with a big, plastered-on smile.

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