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Crappy Thanksgiving

At a retirement facility, Angel and LaGuerta find the victim's husband in a vegetative state and are told he got hit by a bus a few years ago. Angel sort of beats himself up about it, but LaGuerta asks the nurse to leave and then tells Angel to tell him. She says he'll hear him. Angel starts to tell him, but thinks it's pointless, so Maria steps in. Until Angel picks it back up and tells him the news that they found the guy who killed his wife. He says he wishes they'd found him sooner, or actually he wishes he hadn't killed her at all, but they can't change anything. But they got the guy. Most boring scene of the episode? You think? Well, just wait. There's more Angel-LaGuerta snoozefest ahead.

Mitchells. Rebecca greets Dexter as "Mr. Butler," and asks how he is. Arthur asks if "Kyle" is up for a pre-game football toss, and Dexter supposes. Rebecca says she's going to help her mom in the kitchen and Arthur says at least he has one perfect child. Dexter and Arthur are in the garage, digging around, since Jonah usually supplies the football. Dexter hilariously asks, "How 'bout a baseball?" Apparently he doesn't get the mind of this psycho football fan. Arthur explains the baseball's for spring, but the football is for Thanksgiving. "Traditions matter." Dexter agrees they shape people, and Arthur says they give children a sense of history, and teaches them who they are and what's expected of them: common sense, generosity, obedience. He says a father sets the boundaries, and a child honors them. Dexter leans down and pulls a tarp off Arthur's coffin, as Arthur tries to stop him. Arthur says he made it while he was still confused, and Dexter tells him it's beautiful. Which Arthur says is why he didn't throw it away, but he'll probably donate it to the needy since he won't be needing it. DVO: "No, you'll be buried at sea." Arthur says he has a new lease on life thanks to "Kyle." They find a football that has a hole in it, and Arthur wonders what's the point of giving Jonah the better things in life if he can't take care of them.

Arthur opens the garage door, and Dexter asks Harry, quietly, what kind of father keeps a coffin in his garage. Harry: "What kind of father keeps blood slides in his shed?" Touché. Dexter follows Arthur out with the football when Jonah pulls up with the messed-up car. Arthur looks pissed, and Jonah gets out stammering that he doesn't know what happened; it was like that when he came out this morning after it was parked in Luke's driveway all night. He says he's so sorry, and Dexter says, "That's why God invented car insurance, right?" Arthur stalks off and gets a crowbar, which he uses to bend the front fender back into place. He acts like everything's normal, and says now it's drivable until they can get it fixed. Then he says the game's about to start, "Shall we?" and heads inside. I never realized how amazing John Lithgow is at teetering between madness and nice, normal guy before this season of Dexter. How did I ever miss it? I will never see him the same way again.

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