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Crappy Thanksgiving

Dexter's. Rita's holding Harrison, while Rita scolds the other kids for playing wiffle ball in the house. Deb says she doesn't know how Rita does it, with all the kids home at the same time. Rita says it's nothing compared to summers off. Deb: "Plus spring break and Christmas break." Rita says that's when you're really climbing the walls, and Deb says, "June, July, August. ... December." She starts, "Fuuu," and finishes "uuudge. Trinity's in the school system." Good thing they had that conversation for her to realize he isn't a trucker. She calls Quinn and tells him that Trinity's kill schedule matches the school year, so he could be a cafeteria worker, bus driver, janitor, etc. She thinks they should get to the station, but Quinn says a) he hasn't eaten and b) they won't be able to get a warrant to access school records on Thanksgiving without pissing off a judge. She starts to say the F-word again, but is still holding Harrison, so it's another "fudge." It is hilarious to hear Deb say "fudge," because she's such a potty-mouth. They get off the phone, and Christine innocently asks if it's a break in the case. Quinn: "We'll see." She asks if it wasn't a good Thanksgiving, and he says it was pretty nice. She asks if having a girlfriend isn't so bad after all, and Quinn shakes his head and says, "You with the labels. Why does it matter?" She says she just cares about him and would like to have it returned. He kisses her to make her feel better, but she has a better idea and goes down on him. He laughs and says, "Oh, you are so my girlfriend."

Jonah's watching the football game with a serial killer on each side of him, one freaking out about the game and the other staring at the football freak. Dexter thinks Jonah seems safe for the moment, so he admits he's not a big fan and goes to help Sally. Arthur says that's very nice of him, and Dexter leaves, looking back once more to see that everything's okay. He heads to Rebecca's very pink, girly room and DVOs that it's kind of young for a teenager. Then he discovers a padlock on the window and wonders if that's to keep someone out or in. He notices a lock on the outside of the bedroom door, and for those of us who can't keep up, he says aloud (although in a whisper), "Oh my god, he locks his daughter in here." For some reason, this doesn't make him worry about Jonah sitting there with his dad. Instead, he goes out to the yard to offer Rebecca help choosing flowers for a centerpiece. Rebecca says dad always likes roses, and Dexter wonders if the locks on the door are for him, too. She says Arthur says they're there to protect her, and Dexter asks if they do. She just looks at him.

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