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Crappy Thanksgiving

Inside, the football game's still going, and Arthur's still totally into it. Then there's a touchdown, which he's happy about. So, how else to express it other than to break your son's pinky. And, seriously, it's the most unsettling thing I've ever watched on this show (I say that now, but surely I've felt that way before), and I actually couldn't look at it because it's in slo-mo so the anticipation is terrible and then the sound makes it even worse. Although when I did look at the TV, it didn't seem to show anything gruesome, so it's mostly just anticipation and sound. And then Jonah's face as he covers his mouth and tries not to scream. Arthur: "That's for my windshield. Things of beauty need to be honored." He gets up and polishes Vera's urn as Jonah glowers.

Outside, Rebecca tells Dexter that she ran away once and he caught her, which was bad. Dexter tells her it's not always going to be like this, and she says Jonah told her that Dexter's helping him. She says he can help her, too, by getting her out of here. He says she's too young to be on her own, and this is where it gets skeevy (it's especially weird to see Luke's daughter coming on to a grown man). She says she doesn't have to be alone, since she could be with him. She says Jonah says he's nice, and she can be nice to him. She'll do anything he wants. She leans in to kiss him and he jumps back and says she's 15, and he doesn't want anything. She says she doesn't believe him, since she knows what guys like. He says no again, and Sally shows up and sends Rebecca inside. She apologizes for Rebecca's behavior, and asks "Kyle" to please not say anything to Arthur. She says, "Whatever you did with Rebecca..." Dexter says he didn't, but she says, "Whatever you're going to do. I don't care. I'm begging you. Please don't tell Arthur." She says all of this with a sweet smile, which messes with Dexter's mind or something, because he doesn't just come out and say he's not going to do anything with Rebecca (and, seriously, he better not; this show would not go there, would it?), but just stammers, "I wouldn't. I wouldn't. I, I won't." She says "please," and he promises. She thanks him and literally trots inside.

Dexter leans against the house and wonders what the hell Arthur's doing to these people. Then his phone rings, and it's Rita, who wonders how far away he is (an hour or so), and then tells him Cody fell through his skylight. He hit a wiffle ball onto the shed and climbed up and fell through the skylight. She says Elliott was going to push in the air conditioner, and Dexter jumps in, "No! Don't!" She looks puzzled, but says he didn't; he took off the door. Dexter, "So my shed has no door?" Rita says Cody was scared and crying, so she told Elliott to get him out however he could. Dexter says of course, and he'll thank Elliott when he's home. Then he's talking to Harry, telling him no one can get into the trunk's false bottom, and Harry says he didn't think anyone could get into the shed, either. That moment when Dexter was more concerned about his shed than about Cody was the moment where he was Arthur, and I think he realized that when Rita snapped at him, and it scares him. But it's there. Maybe he couldn't be the same type of violent physical abuser, but he obviously has it in him to put the murdering first. The reason Arthur is perplexing is that he doesn't work out his aggression and violence sufficiently in his killings and still needs to take it out on the family at home. You'd think a killer wouldn't need that outlet and would be less suspicious and weird at home if he possibly could. Although... what do I know about serial killing other than what I learn from this show? Dexter tells Harry he has to get home, and runs inside.

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