I Can Forgive Her But I Don’t Have To Because She Screwed With My Chickens

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Off To The Races

Now, let me just make this one comment about Hiki. There's been a lot of talk about physical disadvantages on Hiki, particularly because Sekou looks out of shape. I can't argue with the fact that probably, Hiki has the lowest average in terms of obvious physical buffness. However, that's certainly not why they lost this particular challenge. They gained time paddling. In my experience with these challenges, flat-out buffness is almost never a determining factor. If you look all the way back to Koror, they were at a huge, huge buffness/age deficit compared to Ulong, and Ulong didn't manage to win a single immunity challenge; even the purely physical ones. What mattered in this challenge was not brawn, I don't think. It was (1) puzzle-solving; and (2) ability to competently paddle a boat. Hiki sucked at (1), and Raro sucked at (2), and that's why they were so close at the end. There also got to be a perception going around that Hiki is enormously fat, but...seriously, it's just Sekou. Sekou is a big guy, but if you look at Nathan with his shirt off (not that I'm saying I did this several times), that kid is ripped. He is not remotely fat; he just favors baggy shirts. The women aren't fat, either. Stephannie is skinny, and the other two are in that range where you can't really tell how athletic they are, because they may just be round-bodied, or they may be out of shape. Some women, even in good shape, look just like those women do. Lots and lots of very thin women have no physical strength whatsoever. In other words, I do think that Hiki got the short end of the Gym Strength stick -- especially as compared to Puka -- but it's not that short, and I'm not sure variations in gym strength matter all that much as long as you don't entirely lack it, which they don't because of Nathan. It certainly doesn't appear to have been the problem with this challenge.

Jeff announces that the final twist is that while Hiki lost the challenge, they get one thing: to choose any member of any other tribe and send him or her to Exile Island. So that's kind of a sweet reward for losing. Sekou and Nathan step away to discuss whom to send,'s very strange, because the women don't follow, and Sekou and Nathan don't encourage them to follow. It's like everyone assumed the two guys would do it. I'm not sure whose strategy that reflects upon more poorly. Nathan whispers to Sekou that perhaps they should take out the chicken-stealer. I'm not sure why that would be, but...okay. So they tell Jonathan he's going, announcing that "karma's a bizzle." Hee. Jonathan's tribe hugs him and sends him on his way. Jeff gives Jonathan his first clue to the whereabouts of the immunity idol that is, once again, waiting there. The three tribes with immunity are sent home, and Hiki is sent off to think about the upcoming tribal council.

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