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Off To The Races

Stephannie interviews that she's clearly a "swing vote" between the pair of women and the pair of guys. They have a big group hug in which Sekou keeps on talking about fire, and then Stephannie says that they need everyone, so it's not going to be fun to get rid of anybody. Well, maybe not for you, lady.

Tribal council. It seems to be on a big mocked-up ship this season, or at least near one -- it's hard to tell. Jeff has them all dip their torches in the fire. He welcomes them all, and he asks Rebecca whether anyone stepped up as a leader. She says that Sekou did, and that he tried to help with the shelter. Asked whether he planned to try to be a leader, Sekou says that he just took the knowledge he had and tried to apply it. He claims that he wasn't intending to act like he wanted to be "running things," which seems to elicit eye-rolls from the women. Jeff asks Nathan about "the feeling of this tribe." Nathan says they have "beautiful spirit," whatever that might mean. He goes on and on about how amazing all the people on the tribe are and so forth. Jeff asks them how tribes "divided ethnically" changed the game for them. This, somewhat marvelously, gets hysterical laughter, especially from Nathan, who thinks the entire idea of doing this is hilarious. That makes me love him a little. He talks about not having anticipated being put in the position of trying to "represent for our people," which I'm sure is quite true.

Jeff asks Sundra about how people paired up when the tribe was so small. She says that she and Rebecca had formed a bond, and the men had formed a bond, and it wasn't like they were trying to exclude Stephannie (which I think is true), that's just the way the pairings played out. Jeff asks Stephannie about being that fifth person with two pairs, and Stephannie talks about how it didn't surprise her to see two women and two men get together, although it did leave her "the odd man out." Jeff asks Rebecca how she's thinking about her vote. "What are you looking at in this tribe?" he asks. She says that she looks at the weaknesses in the tribe over the last three days, and how to correct those problems.

Time to vote. Sekou votes for Sundra. "You are our weakest link," he says. Rebecca votes for Sekou. "You are a sweet, sweet man," she says. "But this was the right move for right now." Sundra votes. Nathan votes. Stephannie writes an "S."

Jeff goes off to tally the challenging five votes that have been collected. He returns. The first is for Sundra. Second is for Sekou. Then Sundra again. Then Sekou again. Then...Sekou. And that did surprise me, I admit. I feel like I've seen that play out a lot, and it rarely goes that way. Sekou walks over to Jeff and is snuffed. Jeff tells the tribe that if they're right about voting out the weakest link, then they should be a stronger tribe from now on. He also tells the remaining members of Hiki that they get to take their torches -- and flints to make fire -- back to camp with them. So there won't be any teams dying of thirst this year, or sucking water off of leaves. That, I have to say, doesn't surprise me.

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