I Can Forgive Her But I Don’t Have To Because She Screwed With My Chickens

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Off To The Races

The members of Raro crack open a coconut to "toast," and Jessica sort of gamely says, "To the whiteys!", throwing her arms over her head. I sort of feel her on that. I mean, what are you supposed to do? You kind of can't cheer for yourself unironically, so you can either cheer for yourself ironically or forget the whole thing. Jessica loses me, however, when she explains that they have all kinds in their group, and she's "alternative." Her hair is certainly somewhat alternative, as she has herself some goofy-looking dreadlocks. When Jonathan asks her name, Jessica tells him, "Jessica, but my friends call me Flicka." Oh, of course they do. So Flicka appears to forget for a moment that the chickens are under the crate, and she lifts it up, and the chickens get out and make a mad dash into the woods. The tribe runs after the chickens, but the chickens have escaped and cannot be recaptured. (Chicken: "Oh-my-God oh-my-God oh-my-God I'm running I'm running I'm running...") Jonathan says that he can actually hear the chickens out in the woods taunting him. Chickens are awesome. "I can forgive her," he says of Flicka. "But I don't have to forgive her, because she screwed up my chickens." He just has "potential asshole" written all over him, this guy.

Shark's teeth coming at the camera.

And now, in more plot-related news, Sundra and Rebecca have found the barrel of water at Hiki. They're aware that they're not supposed to drink it until they get fire and boil it, but then they should be good to go. Sundra says that she and Rebecca are getting along well -- they're both from New York, so there's that. They're also both in show business, of course. Stephannie says that the two of them are already closer than she's going to get to either of them. She finds it something that's worth "watching." Sekou says that they won't give up, and they'll work on fire. He tries the "rub a stick in a groove in another stick" method, but he has no luck, just as no one ever has any luck. Sekou quickly says that he needs a break, and he wanders off on his own. Stephannie continues working on the fire, but she's not getting anywhere either. She's getting a bit aggravated with Sekou's affinity for break-taking, but she's decided to let it slide for now. I think she is of the opinion that perhaps you take your break after your first accomplishment, which they do not yet seem to have...accomplished.

At Raro, Adam and Candice have already discovered each other, and are snuggling up together to sleep. The entire group is forming a "cuddle puddle," but those two in particular are getting pretty heavily into it all. Adam says that the "good-looking girls" make the island "more bearable." Parvati says that Adam is adopting the attitude like he wants to take care of little Candice. "Romance is in the air," she observes. That? Is not romance. That is television.

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