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Over at Puka, Brad is explaining to Cao Boi that he has a headache in the front of his face from all the seasickness. And it's completely true, in my experience, that when you're sick to your stomach and throwing up a lot, you can easily wind up with a headache from essentially the pressure that builds up from all the retching. I mean, it's not pleasant, but it's true. Your entire body is tensing up, follows. Cao Boi has Brad sit down. He tells us in an interview that what Brad had would be referred to in Vietnam as a "bad wind." Not the same thing that would be referred to among the people I know as a "bad wind," but the people I know are (a) crude; and (b) not Vietnamese. He begins to give Brad what amounts to a very, very brisk sinus massage with his thumbs. He tells Brad that he's "pulling this bad wind out of [him]," but whatever you call it, he's massaging the brow bones down across the forehead and down Brad's nose. Cao Boi tells us that if it's not a regular migraine, and it's not on one side or in the back of the head, it's usually the sinuses. I think most doctors would essentially agree, statistically speaking. We now see that Cao Boi is doing this thing where he pinches Brad's forehead between his eyes really hard, and he kind of does it over and over, like he's plucking his eyebrows. He then tells Brad that he'll feel better -- but warns him about the big red welt between his eyes. And indeed, he has a whopper. Cao Boi calls it an "indicator," but obviously, if you pinch yourself, you can make a mark like that come up. You can tell he did the pinches both kind of hard and for a long time, though. It's definitely the most pinching that has ever been seen in a Survivor premiere.

Brad goes back and talks to Jenny and Becky, who are kind of appalled by the giant red mark. Brad explains what Cao Boi did. "It looks like it's burned," Jenny says in disbelief. Cao Boi voices over that the rest of the group is "Asian-American" in the true sense, because they were born in America. They aren't really steeped in things from actual other countries, the way he is. He says that in Vietnam and other countries, there wasn't access to "antibiotics" (not that you need antibiotics for headaches, see his point), so they "figure out other ways to do." Yul is kind of fascinated as Brad explains to him that whatever Cao Boi did, it did indeed get rid of his headache. There's a great way that Cao Boi just kind of sits and eats a coconut as all these other people try to decide how they feel about what Brad is telling them. Brad interviews that on the one hand, he doesn't have a headache. On the other hand, he has a big red welt. Heh. He's cute. Yul tells us that he finds Cao Boi "an interesting guy." He admits that at first, he wrote him off as a sort of aging hippie. "But in between the random kind of inane nonsense, there's actually, like, gems and nuggets of information that are actually useful." I hope you noticed that he just summed up this show in one sentence. Incidentally, one of the EEFPs told us that he used to get the same treatment at home for his back, complete with welts. I have officially learned something interesting from Survivor. That may be a first.

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