I Can Forgive Her But I Don’t Have To Because She Screwed With My Chickens

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Off To The Races

Back from commercials, Aitu collects their treemail. It talks about paddling to get fire, and this seems to make Ozzy very happy. Billy says that he'd like for them to win, but it's still early.

We make our way to a challenge beach, where Jeff brings in all the tribes. Jeff's first question has to do with the chickens. Yul confirms that someone made off with the chicken he originally had. When called out, Jonathan sort of claims not to know who the chicken belonged to, but I don't think anyone is buying that. I kind wanted to see the chicken run out of the woods all, "J'accuse!"

Now, Jeff explains the challenge. When he says go, you race down the beach and assemble a "puzzle boat," which is held together with braces. Then you paddle out and light a torch. Paddle back, take the braces off the boat, and head for another set of puzzles, where you'll put pieces together to form an N, S, E, and W. When that's done, you take the braces over to a tower and use them as rungs to climb up and put your compass-point puzzles into four slots in the side of the tower. Then you climb up and light your tub of fire. First three tribes to finish will win, and they'll get flint for fire. The first tribe to finish gets a more elaborate fire kit. Also, the first three tribes get immunity, and the last one goes to tribal council. There's another twist, but it won't be revealed until after the challenge.

Okay. Go! Hiki immediately has a very hard time putting the boat together. There's basically always somebody who does a shitty job with a puzzle like that, and it happens to be Hiki. Aitu is the first to get the boat together and get going. Puka is next, and Raro is way behind, with Hiki even behind them. Aitu beats Puka to the torches, but by the time the teams get back to shore, they're very close. Raro has their torch lit before Hiki even gets on the move. Raro's paddling is horrible, and Hiki makes up a big amount of time on them.

Meanwhile, up front, Aitu and Puka are now slugging it out at the second set of puzzles. Hiki makes up so much time on Raro in the paddling portion that they manage to get to the puzzle before Raro is all that far into it. Puka finishes the puzzle and heads up the ladder. Aitu follows. Puka scrambles up and lights the tub, and they are the winners. Hiki is in it with the puzzle, but they can't quite catch up, and Raro -- despite starting up the ladder without their puzzle pieces -- manages to pull it together and finish third, meaning that Hiki is going to tribal council.

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