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First Do Not That Much Harm

Back in the Mobile Others Surgical Hospital, Jack and Juliet silently scrub up. Finally, Jack tells Juliet that this is a very tricky procedure, and when he tells her to do something, she's going to have to do it, no questions asked. "Is that understood?" he says. "You may find this hard to believe, but I've always been very good at following orders," she says, even though I thought maybe she'd complain about his condescension. "Is that a yes?" he snaps. She nods and says yes, and they head into the operating room, where Ben awaits, lying face down on the operating table. Jack gets on his surgical gloves while Ben asks, "You get nervous before you do surgery?" Jack says he used to, but he doesn't anymore. Through the window, we can see Pickett, Zeke and that other Other who's always around now, observing. "Whatever happens, everything will be very different, won't it?" says Ben. "No doubt about it," says Jack, the same way you'd say to an office co-worker who keeps yammering away at you while you're trying to get some damn work done.

Ben then asks Juliet if Alex asked about him. Juliet says no: "We took her home last night. I don't know where she is now." And then thank god the anesthesia seems to start kicking in, because Ben half-sleepily says, "Well, see you on the other side," and puts his head down. Jack tells him to count down from twenty. Ben goes "twenty" and "nineteen" and then "eight" which is totally cheating, and then he's out. Jack and Juliet look at each other. Jack asks for the scalpel, and she gives it to him, and he makes the first incision in Ben's iodine-swabbed back.

Up in the observation room, Danny starts to head out, despite Zeke pointing out that Ben's in surgery. "Ben just put his life in the hands of one of them," snaps Danny, who heads out to the bear cages. Naturally, it's raining. Lost is only happy when it rains.

Kate sees him coming, with another Other, and frantically tries to wake up Sawyer. "Well, well, look who got out of her cage," says Danny, and I guess the guard duty roster needs to be updated if no one's done anything about this. Pickett says they should have run when they had the chance. "Come with me, James," says Danny, and Kate throws herself between the two of them, saying he doesn't have to do this. "He's coming with me and there's nothing you can do about it!" yells Danny.

In the operating room, Jack works away on Ben, now with a big hole in his back, while Juliet assists. Everything seems to be going swimmingly. Then, with Juliet's back turned, Jack picks up the scalpel, hesitates a moment, and then quickly makes an incision. Ben's heart-rate monitor immediately starts beeping twice as quickly. Juliet turns around, asks what happened. "His blood pressure's dropping," says one of the other nameless assistants. "Should he be bleeding like that?" "Nope," says Jack, almost cheerfully, and then slugs the guy in the face. He goes down, and doesn't get up. Jack orders Juliet to step back from the table. She stares at him, and looks over at a stunned Zeke, who is now the only one in the observation room. Juliet stands back. Jack tells Zeke that he's just made a small incision in Ben's kidney sac. "Now, if I don't stitch that back up in the next hour, he's dead. Now get in here, and bring that walkie-talkie!"

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