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Back on Alcatraz, Juliet opens Kate's cage door. She notices Sawyer's not in his cage, and she asks about it. "You really care about him, don't you," says Juliet, who probably won't get an answer to that question unless she starts pounding on Sawyer. "I'm sorry you weren't able to help us, Kate," says Juliet, and Kate's eyes widen as she thinks the worst, but just then Danny marches Sawyer out of the bushes and over to his cage past a relieved Kate. Much to Juliet's chagrin, Danny knocks Sawyer on the back of his head, sending him sprawling onto the ground, and closes and locks the cage door. "Right, sorry, Jules," he says, not meaning it. Then he turns back to Sawyer. "You got anything you want to say to your girl, you best say it tonight." Sawyer just looks at him. Danny and Jack should attend some anger-management classes together. Sawyer gets to his feet, as the Others leave, and says to Kate, "And how was your day, honey?"

Apparently God loved what Eko did in the church so much that he sent CGI rays of sunshine streaming through the trees for Eko's funeral, while Locke explains that he went to get Eko's Jesus stick, as he didn't think it would be right to bury Eko with out it. Yeah, that was worth being secretive about. He says a little bit about how he thinks Eko died for a reason: "I just hope it's no more than thirteen weeks before we find out what the heck it might be." Then he crouches down and starts hammering the Eko stick into the ground as a grave marker. "Rest in peace, Mistereko," he says, "Thank you for helping me find my... " he stops, because one of the sunbeams is shining directly on something etched into the end of the Jesus stick: "Lift up your eyes and look north. John 3:05."

Back at the bear cages, Kate tells Sawyer that the Others took her in to see Jack, and explains that they want him to perform surgery on Ben (which she has to further explain is Henry), and if he does it, the Others'll let them all go. Sawyer chuckles. "At least the doc ain't dumb enough to do it," he says, but Kate says she told Jack he had to do it, which angers Sawyer, who asks her why she'd do something so stupid. Sweet talker. "To save your life!" yells Kate, and Sawyer says, "My life ain't worth saving!" Then she yells some more, asking if Sawyer wants to die, because Pickett's just waiting for his chance. His "chance"? Sawyer's a prisoner in a bear cage. It's not exactly cat and mouse.

Kate starts climbing out of her cage, despite Sawyer's protests, presumably so she can get right up into his face when she yells at him. She says that if she doesn't want Jack to save his life, then he can save his own. She takes a rock and smacks the lock, which breaks after just a couple of hits, and maybe the Others should bring in some nice Stanley padlocks next time they get a book shipment in, and they yell at each other some more about how the other one should run. Sawyer says, "I ain't runnin' ... because there ain't no place to go." Kate's confused. "We ain't on our island. We're on another island, like Alcatraz, a couple of miles offshore." So unless Kate is a mermaid or has a boat, there's no point. You know, Kate might not have a boat ON HER, Sawyer, but since you were BROUGHT here, obviously there's some sort of transportation, which you MIGHT FIND IF YOU GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE. But no. Kate wants to know when Sawyer was going to tell her this, and Sawyer says, "Never," and she wants to know why. "'Cause I wanted you to believe we had a damn chance," he says. And instead of telling him that he is an idiot, Kate kisses him. And instead of saying, "Hey, let's go find a boat," Sawyer says, "What was that for?" and instead of running with Sawyer to the coast, Kate says, "I don't know," and instead of finding a boat and getting rescued, Sawyer kisses her back. And instead of taking each others' clothes off and having sex somewhere in the real world, free of Others and monsters and tropical diarrhea, they take each others' clothes off and start having sex in a dirty ol' bear cage.

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