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First Do Not That Much Harm

Behind him, Ben speaks: "If it helps, I was surprised too." Jack spins, and stomps toward him, cocking the gun and pointing it right at Ben's chest. Ben doesn't even flinch. 'Course, he's dead soon enough anyway. "If I were a betting man, I would have picked her and you," he continues. Jack tells him to shut up. Ben glances at the screen. "Well, I suppose this would be the proverbial nail in my coffin," he says. Jack stands there chewing the insides of his cheeks for about five hours before he says, "Tomorrow," and lowers the gun. Ben's all, whuzzah? And Jack says, "Tomorrow, first thing," and he needs instruments, anesthesia, and "someone who can hold a damn clamp." Does that mean he's ragging on Juliet's surgical technique? Ben says of course. Jack says he'll get the tumor out, and keep Ben alive. "But I need your word. I need what you promised me before. I need to get the hell off this island." The music swells as Ben and Henry stare at each other. Deal or no deal, Ben? "Done," says Ben. What else was he going to say? "'No dice, Jack. I'll take my chances with the tumor'?"

Kate and Sawyer sleep in the bear cage. Kate's apparently dreaming of the time she took a pregnancy test in her bathroom, and then this weird music started up and a news crawl flashed that the Democrats now had control of the senate as well as the house, and she just breaks down crying, and I never would have pegged Kate as a Republican, but there you go. And in all the confusion, I barely made out that the pregnancy test said she is not pregnant.

Cap'n Firefly's tapping away on a laptop at a desk, and then we get this extra-special drink-cam shot of Kate holding two glasses of some non-tampered-with-I'm-sure liquid, and I'm further certain because of the shot we get of Kate standing there looking all forlorn with her hair all blown out over her shoulders, and she kind of looks like maybe she's suspicious of her rancher husband always being so eager to go camping with his old ranching buddy, and he never did get that note she left him in his tackle box!

After a few hours, she strolls over, and he says, "I'm just finishing some IRs and that fugitive recovery out of Tampa, which don't worry, is not about you, because you're definitely not a fugitive. Being a cop is just endless paperwork. Thank you, sweetie, for this non-drugged drink." And he takes a sip. And she says, "What if I told you I was a fugitive?" And this is not me making up the dialogue in this case. He just stares at her, open-mouthed. And she continues: "What if I told you I was on the run for blowing up my father and it was only a matter of time before you found out?" He says that's not funny, and she tells him it's not a joke. She's starting to cry. "I almost had a baby, Cap'n. Me -- a baby!" He looks kind of confused at what to him seems like kind of a non-sequitur, or at best part of the "I'm on the lam" story. She says she can't do this. "Taco night? I don't do taco night!" Fuck you, Kate. Tacos are awesome. "Calm down, Monica," says Cap'n Firefly, and she tells him her name isn't Monica. "I love you, but I can't stay," she says. She starts to leave, and he tries to stop her, but as he gets up from his desk, he stumbles. "Something's wrong with me," he says, looking woozy. She says she drugged him, and says otherwise people would think he knew. "People are going to be asking a lot of questions, and I didn't want you to lose your job." He responds by collapsing. She catches him, and, sobbing, lowers him to the floor. From her pocket, she pulls out the pendant her mother-in-law gave to her, and she puts it in his hand.

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