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Take Your Teeth And Go

Jeff just keeps pushing. He talks about how the votes are worth a million bucks. The hat might make the difference! What about the hat? The hat! Parvati jumps aboard, talking about how Yul has been trying to "win votes from the beginning." Jeff keeps it up, asking Adam whether people are playing for votes. Adam says that only Yul is, and only "a little." ["Oh, well if ADAM says so. Maybe Yul is the 'only' one who's playing for votes because he's the 'only' one who basically has a guarantee that he'll make it to the final episode, unlike Adam and Parvati the fucking useless losers." -- Wing Chun] Yul finally raises his hand (hee), and when Jeff calls on him, he kind of chuckles, and you can tell he can't believe this has become such an issue, and he says that obviously, he voted Jonathan off, and there's a desire to "appease any resentment" Jonathan might be feeling: "So it serves both purposes." Jonathan makes a bitchface that I do not at all believe is remotely related to that comment, because I don't think Jonathan would in any way fault Yul for doing this or for saying that about it. The whole thing is so ridiculous, you know? People suck up to jurors all the time. Candice actually mouthed words to Adam during the last tribal council! Can we possibly get a little consistency, or is Jeff Probst so threatened by Jonathan and Yul because they're smarter than the typical contestant that he has to sandbag them in the game? It's bordering on really inappropriate and unfair, and I'd be in favor of somebody he works for telling him that it's not a lot of fun for the viewers when the host of the show is obviously trying to put his thumb on the scale and, in this case, make Yul look bad because he personally prefers Ozzy. Isn't it kind of obvious? It is to me.

Finally, we move on. Jeff asks Parvati about going to the spa retreat, and whether it gave her a chance to bond with Ozzy and Yul, and she gets all giggly, implying this and that, which makes Adam chuckle, because it's the one kind of humor he actually gets. Parvati says that everyone got their sanity back. And then she makes her "odds were in my favor" comment about the hot tub again. Jeff asks Adam if he's worried that she got some face (and other things) time with Yul and Ozzy, which might elevate her above Adam in voting. Adam says he thinks he's already at the bottom. Jeff asks Adam why he thinks he's still in the game when he seems like such a threat "on paper." Adam says that he just hasn't produced. Jeff now asks Yul whether he's "concerned" (?) about the fact that Ozzy is helping the group as much as he's helping himself. Of is Yul, courtesy of (1) finding the hidden idol and (2) having an actual strategy, but okay. We'll make Ozzy the savior. Yul is gracious, saying that they know Ozzy is helping them. He also says they get farther together than individually.

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