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Take Your Teeth And Go

Time for voting. Ozzy votes. Sundra votes. Parvati votes for "Sondra," making a little sun around the letters "son." Count the problems there. It will take you a while. Adam votes. Becky votes. Yul votes for someone, saying, "You're a strong competitor. I definitely underestimated you, but I'm sorry I have to vote you out." Jeff goes to read the votes. First vote is for Sundra. Then Parvati. Parvati. Sundra. Parvati. And...Parvati. 'Night, toothy! She gives Adam a hug and a smooch. Snuff! Jeff points out that these five have lasted thirty-six days, and that there are only three days left. He sends them back to camp.

In her final words, Parvati says she only wishes she'd worked the hot tub harder. Harder than that? Good God. That would have to be on cable, I think. Oh, and she's learned how awesome she is. As they all do.

Sunday: oh, who the hell knows? There are five people left, so all bets are off.

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