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Take Your Teeth And Go

Tribal council. The group walks in. Yul silently places the hat on the jury benches. The jury walks in, ending with Jonathan, who looks fine. Goodness. There's something about all that sun and work that makes people really hot, but they're all dirty, so when they clean up, they look unbelievable. That's why they look like shit at the reunion, when they've gone all soft again. Jonathan picks up his hat and grins. ["Such a great smile, too. Stacy is a lucky woman." -- Wing Chun]

Jeff launches his bizarre attack of the evening on someone he's decided he doesn't like, only this time, it's Yul instead of Jonathan. He says that the jury normally has no involvement at all -- ignoring, of course, the antics of Nate, Parvati, Candice, and Adam, all of whom have communicated extensively with each other while some were on the jury and some were in the game. Jeff goes on to say that, in this case, "Yul brought your hat, Jonathan." You'll note that Yul didn't ask for any credit -- didn't say he brought it, and I am 100% convinced would never have been like, "Oh, by the way, I'm the one who brought back your hat, Jonathan," if Jeff hadn't brought it up. That sort of informs the rest of the discussion. If Yul had been wearing it and then said he wanted to give it back, this would all look quite different. Anyway, Jonathan just says, "Thank you very much," and Yul nods, at which point this should obviously be over. "Quite possibly the boldest move I've seen yet from someone trying to win a vote should they make it to the final tribal council." Really, Jeff? The boldest? Even though Jonathan wouldn't have even known who did it if you didn't explain it? How fucking bold was it, really? And are you so unsophisticated that you haven't noticed anything in the past that was meant to curry votes? Is this somehow more offensive than the way people suck up to the jury in the final tribal council, Jeff, about which you never say anything? Ugh. Jeff wants to know "How'd this come into play?" I just don't understand the fixation. Is it that complicated? Yul says that...well, the hat was there...Jonathan wanted it back...he brought it back: "It has sentimental value for him." "I just want to make sure I have the facts right," Jeff snots in disbelief. "This is the same guy who was part of your little coalition that you blindsided, and now you're bringing the hat back just because it's got sentimental value." Jeff says this as if it is clearly the stupidest thing he ever heard, and throwing in the word "little" to make it all more mocking. And besides...I mean, isn't the answer "yes"? Why can't you bring back something with sentimental value? Why wouldn't you do that? Is Jeff so used to people being completely petty that he assumes that anything that appears un-petty must be pandering? I just don't...I don't get this, really. Yul brought the hat back. So the hell what? Becky doesn't help anything when she erroneously states that Yul "announced" that he was bringing the hat, when in fact we heard him ask other people -- her in particular -- what they thought about bringing it. She also says that "even if he doesn't admit to it," she's sure Yul was thinking it might make Jonathan vote for him.

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