I Married An Alien

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I Wonder Tangentially About Jeannie

Back to the future, Max, Michael, and Isabel walk through what appears to be the outside of the Paramount lot (I'm surprised they're not all carrying small cardboard boxes filled with personal effects and one pink slip for each of them). Michael notes, "So, Jesse saved the day." Max doesn't disagree that it's time for Jesse to know the truth, but Isabel thinks this might not be the right time, because "he was angry because he was lied to by someone he trusted." She wants to tell him. But she's afraid to. The problem is, "I don't live in a sitcom." Oh, so that's the problem. And the moral of our story. And…wait. It's still not over.

Bed. We're back in bed. Jesse tells Isabel, "You're all that matters to me. You're all I need." And to Sitcomsville one more time, where Jesse asks, "What's the lesson, Isabel?" We learn lessons about not using powers in the house or parking a spaceship in the basement. Hugs. Roll credits. And then other credits.

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