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We Don't Need Spoken Words

Probst gives Upolu the immunity idol and some flint along with the news that there's a clue to a hidden immunity idol back at their camp. Ugh, gross. Probst insists that they'll need to find the clue to find the idol, but I doubt it. We know how lazy the idol hiders are. Probst sends the winners away and decides to spend a little extra time with Savaii, specifically Semhar. He asks her how she feels about losing. Probably bad, Probst. What do you think? Semhar, looking much less upset now than she did at the end of the challenge, plays with her hair and says she didn't expect the coconuts to be that heavy, so she feels "sorta bad" about her performance. Jim can't help but react to her comment. He says he feels much worse than "sorta bad" and thinks Semhar should, too. Now that he's set Semhar up for a nice fall, Probst sends Savaii back to camp. On the way out, Jim says Semhar gave up and lost this challenge for the tribe, so they should vote her out no matter how good she looks in a bikini.

The victorious Upolus return to camp and Coach gives them a speech about how well they're thriving in this game considering how new they are to it. "Yeah," they respond politely. Christine says she thinks everyone is uneasy because they now know there's an immunity idol to find and surely they all want to find it right away. "The game has started and it might just get ruthless," she says. Sure enough, various contestants wander off in search of the clue. Not Sleep Stacey sets out, cleverly stopping to move a few rocks around on the ground every few feet so she'll look like she's working instead of looking for a clue. I'm sure she has everyone fooled. She digs around in a hole in a nearby tree and, though her eyes and ears are open and she's not asleep, she totally misses the piece of parchment wrapped around a small stick just inches away from her hand. Oops!

But even Stacey isn't as much of a failure as the Savaii tribe, who return to camp looking totally defeated. Semhar decides to speak to the group. She sorta apologizes for her performance and contribution to the challenge loss before yelling at Jim for making faces behind her back when Probst was talking to her and calling her out in front of the other tribe. Even though the other tribe left by then. "Why, when someone's already down, why push 'em down even more?" Semhar asks. Jim doesn't really care what she has to say, as he's already made up his mind that she's useless and needs to go. He claims that he's sorry he made her feel bad even though he clearly isn't. Semhar storms off and interviews that she might have a problem in this game because she's just too honest. I love it when people say the positive character traits they ascribe to themselves could be a liability. Semhar says her performance in the challenge already put the spotlight on her, and she made it worse with her comments to Jim.

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