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Meet the Blunder Twins

Meanwhile, Clark is just walking into the office downstairs, all smiles in anticipation of seeing Lois. His smile fades when he notices everyone's rushing up the stairs in a panic. One of his coworkers shouts, "Clark, you gotta see this, and grab a camera!" ["Because our photographer is dead! Dead, dead, dead, thanks to you!" - Z] He runs out to the street and sees Lois hanging from the flagpole some 20 or 30 stories up. He superzips up to the roof. She's well beyond his reach, but there's a crowd beneath them equipped with cameras, watching their every move. He climbs down to the decorative ledge one floor down. He holds out his hand, but she's still too far away. At this point, I notice he's not wearing his tie anymore, for no reason other than to keep him from using it as a rope to pull her up. He stretches an arm out toward her and she tries to reach him, but still can't. I think he should take off his pants and have her climb up them, don't you? Their fingertips touch before Lois loses her balance and swings away from him with a gasp. Now she's holding onto the flagpole with just one hand. One of her pretty shoes falls to the street below.

The aforementioned ladybug is winging its way to the Watchtower, where it flits inside and morphs into Jayna. (The morphing happens off-screen, but we see the telltale flash of neon violet light.) She fills Zan in on the latest: "The Blur's in even deeper, and it's all our fault!" It's a little bit his and Lois's fault, too, really. Zan wants to rush out to help him, but Jayna reminds him that they promised Chloe they'd lay low. Zan reminds her that Chloe said sometimes you have a save a hero from himself. Jayna sighs. Zan: "Dad used to always say we're stronger when we stick together." Slowly, Jayna smiles. They fist-bump with a unified, "Powers activate!" The light flashes around their hands, but we don't see what they morph into just yet.

Hanging out at the Daily Planet. For a guy who was ready to come forward to save his reputation, Clark is dithering an awful lot about blatantly using his powers to save Lois. He tells her to hold on, but she's determined to sacrifice herself and tells him to let her go. He tells her that's insane. "You can't reveal yourself to the cameras," she tells him. "You mean too much to the city... to the world." She tells him she knows about him living two lives and having to lie to her. He keeps lying to her by telling her she's not making sense. Just then, a dense, purple-tinged fog fills the street below. Clark, realizing somehow that the fog is there to help him, tells Lois everything's going to be OK. "I've always known deep down you were a hero," she says, and loses her grip on the pole. She falls in slow-motion, down and down through the fog. Clark superzips away. The next shot is of Lois being lowered gently to the street. Why didn't they show Clark being the one to lower her? She wouldn't have been able to see his face clearly, thus preserving the mystery for her, while allowing us to realize he saved her. As it is, it looks like Zan cushioned her fall with his fogginess. There's even a windy sort of sound, different from Clark's usual super-whooshing, but according to forum posters, the director says Clark was the hero. Lois gets to her feet, looking all around her in wonder. Behind her, a limo pulls up and Sacks hops inside with a nervous glance over his shoulder. Inside the limo, Jayna's waiting for him in the form of a snarling Rottweiler, which begs two questions: Does she bite his face off? How did she even know he was responsible for trying to kill Lois? Her ladybug self started for the Watchtower long before that. [Before Lois was even in trouble, in fact! - Z] The Rottweiler lunges for Sacks.

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