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Meet the Blunder Twins

Same scene, daytime. Clark and Lois are just showing up. As is her wont, Lois is complaining about how long it took them to get there without the monorail and blames it on the Blur. They walk by a throng of TV news reporters interviewing District Attorney Ray Sacks. Lois shouts, loud enough for the microphones to pick up, that she likes to call him "Sacks-o-phone" because of how much he blows his own horn. Ugh. He tells the reporters, "I'm not here because I'm running for mayor. I'm here because I think it's a travesty that this city has been brought to its knees by the Blur." Clark and Lois go to look at the limo. The clumsy S-shield is in view, as is a Metropolis Police car. The Metropolis Police symbol that's on the hood looks a lot like the S-shield, by the way. Why has no one in the show brought that up? I mean, the juxtaposition of the two symbols seems sort of pointed, here. Clark thinks there's more to the story than people know. He asks Lois if the Blur has tried to call her to explain himself. "He called, but I didn't pick up," she says with a lift of her chin. And up starts the comical music once more. She wonders why Clark is suddenly defending the Blur. "He just doesn't deserve the silent treatment just because he's been out there saving people," he says defensively. She dismisses his sympathy for the Blur as a guy thing, then goes off to talk to a potential witness. At this point, Clark hears the sound of a monkey laughing. He follows the sound to Jayna's Gleek phone. The laughter is the ringtone, but they don't show who's calling.

We cut to the Twins' apartment. They've painted a big S-shield on one wall (they're never getting their deposit back now) and surrounded it with lava lamps and flowers. Zan stares mournfully at the Wall O' Worship and sighs, "I totally tanked this one." Jayna, coming into the room, says at least he didn't lose his phone. Zan thinks maybe they're not cut out to be heroes. A monkey starts laughing in his pants, as if to agree with him. He reaches into his pocket and pulls out his own Gleek phone. He's upset to see Jayna's number on the caller ID. They panic, fearing that someone is on to them, and decide it's time to leave. "Powers activate," they say together and pull back their right arms to bump fists. Just then, Clark shows up in his Emo Blur outfit to jam his hand between their fists. There's an explosion of neon violet light that throws them both backward. They fly into opposite walls and then fall, unconscious, to the floor. Clark stands over them and looks serious, like, "Is this what fandom hath wrought?" [How the hell did he know to block the fist-bump? Or does he just disapprove of fist-bumps in general? - Z]

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