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I Think I'm Dumb. Maybe Just Happy.

Hadley and Taub report to the patient to take some blood and also meet his wife Dara, who is so worried about her husband that she gets confused and thinks Hadley and Taub are treating James before they've actually done the test to prove their diagnosis. This is supposed to show us that she isn't very bright, but it seems like an easy mistake to make to me since they usually are treating before proving the diagnosis on this show. Taub wants to know what a brilliant guy like James is doing working as a courier, wondering if the drastic career change is a symptom of drug addiction or mental illness. James says he chooses to work as a courier because he likes the fact that it's easy and he doesn't have to think. He wasn't happy as a super-genius. When he met his wife, who doesn't care how smart he is or what he could accomplish with his intelligence, he was truly happy for the first time and decided he'd rather be happy than smart. He also apparently decided that the two were mutually exclusive.

Foreman and Chase, meanwhile, are not doing any work. Instead, Chase is lying on the doctors lounge couch and Foreman is asking how he's doing without Cameron. Chase exposits that Cameron has already moved back to Chicago and there is no chance of reconciliation. I don't know how I feel about this. I guess I don't really care. The reason for their split is so ridiculous and contrived and we know they aren't getting back together because Cameron's off the show, so whatever. I just don't understand why they had them get married in the first place. What a waste, but then, this show wastes a lot of things. Foreman kindly offers to take Chase out for a drink to talk about it, but Chase refuses rather rudely, saying he's got things under control and doesn't need anyone's help.

Meanwhile, Taub and Hadley work in the lab. Hadley asks him why he came back to work for House, especially since the new job came with a big pay cut. Taub claims that he doesn't care about money. Hadley asks if his wife feels the same way, which is none of her business. For this, she gets too much information, as Taub says his wife won't have sex with him. He asks Hadley why she came back, and Hadley says she had no reason not to since she and Foreman worked out their problems and are committed to a smooth working relationship. And with that, she finds some schistocytes in James' blood that confirm the TTP diagnosis. Taub points out that that was way too easy and we're only eight minutes into the episode, which means House just wants them to think it's TTP and then see who can figure out what the real diagnosis is.

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