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I Think I'm Dumb. Maybe Just Happy.

Mystery solved, House heads down to the Clinic to suck up to Cuddy. His latest patient is a woman with vague symptoms who's more interested in asking him questions about the Clinic than getting her medical problem taken care of. House immediately identifies her as a sort of insurance company mystery shopper, sent to check on the quality of medical care whilst undercover as a patient. His proof is her fake medical records that are too legible to be written by a doctor, her line of questioning, and the list of questions he found in her purse when she was off giving a urine sample and he was looking around for gum. "You're an ass," she says. But that could mean profit for her, because House offers her $20 to act like he's an awesome guy on the way out of the exam room.

Cut to House and the woman leaving the exam room with twin smiles on their faces. "Remember: first ice, then heat!" House says. "Thank you, Dr. House," the woman says, very convincing. House would rather pay people $20 each to pretend he's nice than actually be nice. But I'm sure that therapy has been very helpful for him. Unfortunately, he wasted his money this time around, as Cuddy isn't there to witness it. Male nurse says she's gone for the day. House is unable to get his money back from the fake patient, so he has to make do with insulting the male nurse for being a male nurse.

Foreman finds Dara sitting in the hall, sad that her husband isn't the same as the man she married. Well, that man was high on cough syrup, so there you go. She may be stupid, but she realizes that James hates her now and wonders if he ever loved her and if their relationship was real. It was not, because it was based on him having to be high to be able to stand her. Wise up, Dara! Pull a Cameron and dump the chump! Foreman tries to reassure her that things will be fine once James is out of withdrawal and adjusted to being his smart self again, but then James cries out for help because he can't feel his legs.

Taub finally gets to go home, only to have to face his angry wife. She doesn't want to deal with him, saying it's late and she's too tired to talk. Taub forges ahead anyway, saying he knows he took a paycut to go back to House's team, but he figures he'll "always" have the opportunity to make money as a plastic surgeon but he'll never have the chance to work for someone like House ever again. But now Mrs. Taub is even more annoyed with him, since he thinks she was annoyed in the first place over money. Taub asks what it is, then. She says she liked Taub when he was "the boss" of his private practice. Now he's back to doing the grunt work he did when they met and he was an intern. Except this time he's 40 years old and it isn't about paying dues for a better future. She thinks her husband is a wuss who can't stand up to a boss who forces him to miss Thanksgiving. And is paging him right now. I'm confused: Mrs. Taub was fine with Taub not being the boss when he quit his job the first time, lying to her that it was because he wanted to do more satisfying things with his medical license. But now that she knows he actually quit because of an affair and it was the second time he quit that it was because he wanted to do more satisfying things with his medical license, she thinks he's a wuss? Also, if you want a husband who's around on holidays, DON'T MARRY A DOCTOR. But I guess Taub deserves this for going back to House without talking to her first.

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