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April Fool

Let's see if there's anything fun going on at Camp Heroes, shall we? Rupert mutters something about feeling bad about voting James out, then says "if we ever needed somebody to step up, we need Colby to step up today." Oh really? Hey, you know who else could step up, Rupert? YOU. You really aren't much better at these challenges than Colby is. Unless they involve slamming a woman's face into a pole, in which case you excel. Colby interviews that he has now survived three Tribal Councils where he thought he was going to go home. As he walks out of the shelter, Rupert mutters to him that he has "something to prove," as if Rupert has proven anything himself in this game so far. Colby is so serious about showing his tribe what he can do that he refers to himself in the third person in an interview, saying "it's put up or shut up time for Colby." Well, I'll know he's super-serious when he starts calling himself "The Colbster."

Reward challenge! This one is recycled from Season 18 yet again. Isn't that like the third or fourth one from that season? Surely there are other seasons they can pick from? Anyway, the reward is lunch at an "outdoor waterfall," as Probst describes it so people don't confuse it with one of those indoor waterfalls that are so frequently featured on this show. The Villains have to sit three women out. Two of them will be Sandra and Courtney, as usual, and the third is Parvati. Probst is thrilled to announce that the first round will be three men vs. three men, which means it's J.T., Rupert, and Colby against Rob, Li'l Russell, and Douche. Rupert gets the ball first and easily makes his way towards the baskets. His shot is terrible, but J.T. manages to dive onto the rebound and pass it to Colby, who shoots and ... misses. Meanwhile, Rupert basically stops playing the game entirely in favor of physically attacking Li'l Russell and Rob. That takes them out of the action, and Colby is able to take a second shot. Which he also misses. Li'l Russell breaks free of Rupert and puts J.T. in a hold, rendering him useless, and Rob is able to throw the ball away, and Douche picks it up. He has an easy shot at the basket with no one around, but comes up way short. Embarrassingly so. Clearly, basketball, like so many things, isn't Douche's sport. He gets a chance to shoot again, but again misses. He will not get a third chance, as he and Colby get in a slap-fight and Colby gets the ball. This time, he makes the shot. And he beat Douche, too, so now he can feel redeemed after Douche beat him in that first challenge. Except not really, since 1) Douche beat him in the first place and that should never happen, and 2) Colby also beat Douche in a slap-fight, which is for girls.

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