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April Fool

Li'l Russell scampers away, and Jerri tells Douche that she was indeed impressed with Li'l Russell's move last night, which she believes took "huge balls." I'd rather not think about Li'l Russell's balls, please. She never fully trusted Rob after the stuff he pulled when they were on Season 8 together, and she hasn't had the advantage of watching Li'l Russell's season so she thinks he must be more trustworthy based on the loyalty he showed by giving the idol to Parvati. Douche reminds Jerri that Rob was a different person six years ago and so far, this season, he's been true to his word. But Douche doesn't want to talk about game stuff anymore because there's a more pressing issue of his hurt feelings to address. Cue the hilariously sad piano music as Douche says that Jerri made the decision to side with Li'l Russell without asking Douche first, and he feels like she trusts Douche and Li'l Russell equally and that's not fair because Douche saw her first. Jerri stammers out a non-answer to that because she has no idea how to be reassuring and sympathetic to others. She interviews that Douche is "so naïve" and doesn't seem to understand that people are playing this game to win the million dollars, not the title of most honorable. Which Douche wouldn't even win anyway. "You can't be the good guy to everyone and win this game," she says.

Immunity challenge! Probst calls the tribes in and explains the challenge. This time, we're recycling from all the way back to Season 3, except this time they're grabbing for bags of puzzle pieces. Two members of the tribe will use the pieces to complete a puzzle, and the first tribe to do so wins immunity. This will be the true test of whether or not the Heroes are any match for the Villains. They choose to sit out Jerri, Danielle, and Li'l Russell, the latter of which is a smart move on their part since he's so short that he probably won't be able to reach any of the puzzle bags, and as smart as he likes to tell us he is, I don't think we've ever seen him excel when it comes to puzzles. The Heroes ultimately decide to put J.T. and Amanda on puzzle-solving duty, which means Rupert and his broken toe will have to do some running. He's probably less of a liability to them as a runner than a puzzle-solver, though, so this is a good decision. Rob and Sandra will complete the puzzle for the Villains.

Rupert and Parvati go first for their tribes. Both struggle running across the horizontal net, with Rupert stumbling on his way back with a bag. Probst yells that he's probably having a hard time because of his broken toe, as if that's the only thing preventing Rupert from rocking this challenge out. Parvati gets back just before Rupert, who will no doubt take his anger at being beaten in a physical contest by a woman out on Jerri as soon as he gets the chance, and then Courtney and Candice go. Courtney struggles a bit, since she's so thin that she's in danger of falling through the holes in the netting, but is able to keep the Villains' slight lead. Douche and Colby go next, and it is uneventful. Parvati and Rupert go again, with Parvati in the lead. She grabs another bag, this time from much higher up on the rope ladder, and Probst decides to announce that she landed "on her booty" when she jumps off the rope and into the netting. As for Rupert, he nearly breaks the netting when he cannonballs into it. Fortunately, he doesn't land ass-first so we don't have to hear another booty mention from Probst.

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