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The (Creepy Little) Orchid Thief

Hallway of We Don't Bother Checking for Listening Devices Anymore. Sloane, Nadia, Jack, and Syd are all standing around as Sloane explains that he's real sorry about that whole "trying to make zombies out of the general population by infecting the water" thing he did while he was at OmniFam. It was his intent, through introducing a series of chemicals to various water supplies, to create a more gentle species. Syd looks like the cat that ate the canary. Nadia looks horrified. Jack looks like he just had a corkscrew shoved into his spine. The water plan failed, though, because he didn't have the orchid. He tried to artificially manufacture its nectar and it didn't work. But, because the Clone has the real orchid, all he has to do is put the nectar into the water Sloane contaminated and he's ready to go. "You loaded the gun," says Nadia, finally cluing into the fact that her daddy ain't so nice.

Syd asks how many people drank the contaminated water. Sloane tells her it's somewhere between 300 and 400 million. She's stunned. Jack steps up and says that, considering the Clone's people are probably already harvesting the orchid nectar, they should probably stop bickering in the hallway and get down to the business of getting the orchid back. Syd asks what their options are, and Jack says they're getting McCullough's files from Dix and Vaughn, so they should divide 'em up and get to researching. Syd requests a private audience with her father.

"I saw it on your face," she spits at him as soon as they're behind closed doors. "You knew! You knew what he did and you ignored it! I wanna know why!" Jack reasons that when Sloane did this thing, he wasn't intent on global destruction; he thought he was doing good. Syd's not buying it. She thinks that if Jack had come forward with what he knew, they could have gotten their hands on the flower sooner, turned it over to the DSR, and avoided this whole damn fiasco. But he didn't. Which makes him just as guilty as Sloane. Jack looks like he just swallowed a quart of lemon juice. Marshall enters and says he thinks he found something.

Conference Room of Endless Expositions. Marshall once again explains that the brain coding goes deep in the Sloane Clone. Which means that he'll never give them the orchid location as long as he thinks he's Sloane. So they'll have to shock him out of it by introducing a painful memory that'll loosen his moorings, so to speak. So Sloane will have to undergo regression hypnotherapy in order to conjure up a painful memory, which will then be uploaded to Sloane Clone and knock him into reality. Marshall wants to run some more tests before they try this, but Sloane wants to do it right now. "Fine," grits Jack. "Where do we begin?" "Jacquelyn," says Sloane, confidently. "Who's Jacquelyn?" asks Jack. "She's the daughter I named after you, of course," says Sloane. Oh, okay. He doesn't. He starts to tell them, but Marshall cuts him off, saying that he has to relive the memory when he's under hypnosis.

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