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This Ain't No Love Song

Cut to Cordy and Connor, who have found a new hideout. It's not in a cookie warehouse, though, which is a shame. Connor assures Cordy that Angel won't find them, and then asks why the MoG were attacking her. Cordy sadly explains, "They're afraid of you, of me, of what our love has created." She says they were going to kill her and her baby. Connor says he was worried about her and followed her scent; he then plaintively asks, "How could he do that?" Cordy says that Angel hates Connor. Creepy lullaby music tinkles as Cordy tells Connor, "I didn't want to believe it, but he does. He hates you for being with me." She goes on that way, less and less convincingly, and then gives Connor a kiss. She wraps things up nicely by saying, "You were right about Angel. He's an animal. And he's turned everyone against us." She looks scared, and Connor hugs her and whispers, "I'll kill them all before I let them hurt you." Cordy calls him a "sweet, sweet boy," and starts to roll her eyes a little.

Wesley is holding a drawing of Cordelia up in front of the camera for reasons I don't understand. He puts the picture down as Angel enters in his new hoodie-and-jacket combo. Angel says he couldn't track Cordy and Connor down. Wesley says that Angel was wasting his time. Shut up, Wesley, unless you have a better idea, which you don't, because you never have a better idea, so shut up already. Angel blames himself, and says he didn't realize what was happening because he was busy freaking out about Connor and Cordelia. Oh, Angel, don't be so hard on yourself. You wouldn't have figured it out even if you'd had both of your wits about you. Wesley says that Cordy and Connor's relationship "did what it was supposed to" by distracting Angel. He adds that Cordy was trying to "draw [his] attention away so this thing could continue to murder anyone..." He pauses and says that at least Angel had a reason for being distracted. Angel recognizes Wesley's tone from his own years on the pity-party circuit. Angel offers an awkward "Lilah and I weren't exactly friends --" Wesley interrupts to say they were mortal enemies, and asks why Angel cares what happened to Lilah. Good question! Angel says, "Because you did." Bad answer! But I guess that's nicer than saying, "Well, I don't, actually, but you're bumming me out, man." Wesley gives up and says that he couldn't find any information on the Forced Evil. Angel asks about "pan-dimensional texts, like the one Lilah --" Angel stops short, and Wesley gives him a look, and I guess their talk of thirty seconds ago had healed all of Wesley's hurt feelings but saying her name now has ripped the scars open again or something. What's with the pained looks? They were just talking about her! Wesley says that Cary's off being an errand boy again, looking for information on the black market. He suggests that, if something happened to Cordy after her ascension, maybe The Powers That Be could help. Angel observes that TPTB haven't been inclined to help lately. Wesley says, "But at least one of those [times] was to save Darla's life. A mass-murdering ex-vampire dying of syphilis? A strong 'no' is hardly a shock." What? Is he? Talking about? This is the first I've heard any suggestion that the John Hurt-esque guy was really involved with TPTB. And Angel couldn't save Darla's life because she'd already been revived once. There was never any suggestion that who she was, or what she'd done in any of her many lives, had any effect on how that worked out. Angel ignores all of that, I guess because he's used to Wesley being insane, and says that TPTB must have known what was going on. He grumps, "They didn't stop it because they didn't want to get their hands dirty." He pauses and adds, "What we need is somebody who does." A gardener? "Somebody right in the middle of all this." Oh.

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