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This Ain't No Love Song

When we return from the ads, Skip knocks the sword out of Angel's hands and sneers, "Not like last time, is it monkey-boy?" Skip's a Lectroid? This gets more and more complicated every minute. Skip hurls Angel across the room, into a wall. Skip says it was hard to "take a dive" when Angel rescued Billy, and prepares to pound Angel some more. Okay, hang on: so the Forced Evil captured Billy, put him in a fiery box, and had Skip stand guard, but it actually wanted Billy to be free, so when Lilah forced Angel to go rescue Billy by threatening Cordelia, the Forced Evil ordered Skip to take a dive, and all of this was to ensure that...what? If the Forced Evil just wanted Billy to be free, why not just tell Skip to let him out? There were consequences to all that later, but none of them really depended on Billy being a prisoner. I can buy that parts of this story might have been in mind last season, but Skip's involvement sure looks like a late addition.

Cordy tells Connor that Angel won't stop until he finds them. How many times are they going to redo The Terminator on this show? I don't mind; I'm just curious. Connor insists that he can beat Angel. Cordy puts Connor's hand on her belly. He gasps when the baby moves, and Cordy says, "That's what babies do when they're happy." She gets wistful about how the others won't let them be happy, and says, "Maybe when they see how beautiful our baby is..." Connor asks if that will change how the MoG feel. Cordy foreshadows, "Our baby's gonna change everything." She says that the baby won't come for another week or two, but that Angel will find them before then. Connor promises that won't happen. Cordy says, "I don't want you killing each other; that's never what I wanted." She has an alternative: speeding up the birth. She tells Connor she'll need "some very special things."

A bloodied and bruised Angel asks Skip what happened to Cordelia. Skip asks, "Or what, you'll bleed on me some more?" Skip punches Angel a few times, knocks him down, and wonders how many parts he can chop off of Angel "before he goes all dust-bunny." Angel stands up, gets a few punches in, and then swings across the room on one of the convenient dangling chains. Johanna thinks it's not safe for Angel to go swinging around in a room lit with lots of torches, and she has a point. When Angel swings back, Skip knocks him down. That went well. Skip taunts, "What are you, Tarzan? See, this is the nefarious meat of it, pal. You die, never knowing what really happened to the woman you love. Gotta respect the classics." Angel yanks one of the chains out of the ceiling and, as Skip approaches, whips it at Skip's arm. The arm-spike is torn off in slow-mo. Then things go in and out of slow-mo for a while, and I shout, "Knock it off!" Angel whips the chain around some more, knocking Skip's head-sickle off. I meant the slow-mo. Angel punches Skip in the face repeatedly, and Skip tries to get another taunt in, but collapses instead.

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