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This Ain't No Love Song

In the Hyperion's lobby, Fred is crossing the room saying, "Maybe I can --" There's a blaze of light as Angel and an unconscious Skip appear in the room near her. Fred finishes, "-- have an embolism!" Oh yes, please! The magic dreidel spins to a halt on the floor. Gunn's changed into a track suit. Feh. Angel explains that Skip's part of whatever's going on, and adds, "We need to bind him to this dimension." Everyone stares at messy Angel and unconscious Skip. Angel eventually hints, "Before he wakes up would be nice."

A blonde girl is in a rats' alley, where the soon-to-be-dead girls dropped their books. She backs away from a vampire, who says, "I really love virgins." Johanna and I both spend some time wondering how the vampire can tell she's a virgin. Maybe it's her sensible shoes. The vampire suddenly explodes into dust, as Connor saves the day. He asks the girl if she's okay. The girl bursts into tears and thanks him for saving her. Connor looks around, nods awkwardly, and punches the girl. Whoa.

Cordy strolls around the girl, who is lying unconscious in their hideout, and asks Connor if he got everything else. I guess a kidnapped virgin makes a change from the usual pickles and ice cream. Connor's looking pained. Yet elfin. It's his gift. Cordy says, "I know what your heart is telling you, Connor. But it will lie to you if you let it." She tells him to mourn for the girl, but to remember that "she's one of them. One of the average, normal people that fill this world." This is eerily similar to the recapper initiation ceremony. Whoops, I've said too much. Cordy explains that they will give her death meaning: "Her blood for our baby. That's more than fair. Isn't it?" That higher plane must have offered advanced classes in moral relativism.

Skip is trapped in a shiny red circle of FX, which fades away because it'd get expensive pretty fast. He assures the MoG that he'll escape from it in time. Angel says they'll make things permanent. Angel has changed into a deep purple V-neck button-down shirt which I think I love. This sentence is here to prevent the last two words of the previous sentence from even appearing next to the first word of the next sentence. Fred advances and shows Skip a book while saying, "Sphere of the infinite agonies. I should be able to whip one up in, um, twenty minutes?" Angel says, "Everything you know, or she starts whippin'." Wesley suddenly swoons. Skip says, "I'm just a merc," and agrees to spill. Angel demands to know where "the real Cordelia" is. Oh, his shirt is collarless, too. I definitely love it. Skip says, "That thing that has turned your life into a burning ring of fire? She is the real Cordelia. Or at least, she's in there somewhere." Angel asks if something possessed Cordy on the higher plane. Skip asks, "How d'ya think she got there in the first place?" Wesley asks if the ascension was part of the Forced Evil's plan. Skip says, "No, Cordelia was chosen to become a higher being because she's such a pure, radiant saint. Puh-lease!"

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