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"Insurgence" Resurgence

Commercials. The Dominos Dots commercial doesn't make me drool, but the one for "Devil May Cry 2" does.

Oh man, I'm only halfway through the episode? Nooooo! Big pretty CGI swoop-over of the gold Daily Planet globe. Nicely done. We end up on the roof. Clark somehow got up there without going through any kind of security. Even podunk newspapers have at least one security person to keep out the crazies. Clark looks around. He eyes the LuthorCorp building. Walks over. Sees that it's a damn big distance. He looks down at the street and gets queasy.

On the street. Lex is on the phone with Stone Cold. He tells Stone Cold not to hurt the hostages. Stone Cold is pissed. He says he was expecting to find his retirement fund in the vault, but instead, he found a bunch of files and green rocks cut into bars. Lex asks what else was in there. Stone Cold is not forthcoming. Lex says that if he knows what's in there, he might be able to help them. Stone Cold remembers the metal octagon. Lex pivots. He says for them to pack up everything. He knows a way out of the building. But first, he wants them to let the hostages go. Stone Cold thinks about it. He pockets the octagon.

Clark is on the roof. He takes a few steps back. He huffs and he puffs. He taps his foot. Shot of Bo looking up at the building. Challenge music plays. Clark looks at LuthorCorp and some birds fly by. Clark zip-runs, the blur effect all over him. He leaps and we hear a "whoosh" as the camera first follows him from overhead, giving the illusion that he's sort of flying. He seems to swim in the air. The camera then zips to an overhead shot and we see Clark do The Running Man in the air and the street below. Michael Jordan side shot of Clark leaping with the moon in the background. Front view of Clark with his teeth all gritted. He leaps out of the frame. View from behind. Clark is falling. He's not gonna make the roof. In fact, he's heading right for the building itself and I have a George of the Jungle flashback. Clark's expression changes from determination to, "Oh, SHIIIIIIIIIIIIT!" Now he's headed straight for a window. Clark tries to brace himself. From inside the building, we see him crash right through the window and some Venetian blinds. He slams against a wall, putting a huge dent into it. Clark rolls up and smiles. He knocks over a painting from the wall. He runs out of the room. I don't remember who coined it on the forums, but hooray for Flying Squirrel Clark!

Hostage Central. Insignificant Guy notices that they had a security breach. "What? A flying squirrel? Do they even have those in Metropolis?" he thinks. He tells Stone Cold. "We got company," IG says. "Check it out," Stone Cold tells him. You can't teach these kinds of great line deliveries, even at the Actor's Studio.

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