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"Insurgence" Resurgence

LuthorCorp in downtown Metropolis. It looks very...metallic. We look up, and it's a skyscraper, all right. Inside, a cleaning crew has just come in, and you know something's up because they're walking fast and with purpose. I don't know where you work, but in my building, the cleaners are anything but fast. They shuffle along and smoke outside a lot. None of this striding-purposefully crap. Everything in the building is very blue. The crew -- which is the same group led by the Handsome Asian guy who was talking to Lex earlier -- starts unloading equipment and getting their gadget on. With practiced skill, they hand each other things and get working. One of them is very cute; she looks a bit like Tyra Banks. One other guy still looks like Stone Cold Steve Austin and the fourth...well, he's not important. Except that he blows on a piece of equipment and probably gets spittle all over the semiconductor. With surgical gloves on, they take out bugs and start planting them around what I'm guessing is Papa Luthor's office/piano room. Piano. Phone. Behind a fake-looking picture of Papa Luthor with Lex standing behind him. Papa's hair looks unnaturally cropped in weird, jagged edges and I swear Lex has a drop shadow. Did they grab this off a fan site? Not Quite Tyra types with her gloved hands in a program subtly called "Spyware" and somehow hacks into LuthorCorp. Handsome Asian answers his phone and it's Lex. "Green," Lex says. The new spring colors! "I want you to terminate. Now!" Lex says in his distorted "Mr. Green" voice. You remember that gadget he plugged into his phone? It makes his voice all fat. Handsome Asian says Lex will be forfeiting his deposit. Lex says there are people in the building and he wants them out. "I understand," Handsome says. And it really feels like he does, you know? That's acting, dammit. Stone Cold picks up a remote from the table while Handsome tells the team what's happening. Stone Cold uses the remote to open up a set of sliding doors leading to another, more secure door. Handsome Asian gives him the handsome eyes. "What are you doing?" he asks. Handsomely. Stone Cold asks if he thinks they broke into the office of the one of the richest men in the world just to plant some bugs. Philip Glass clanging plays as we zoom in on Handsome. "We ain't leavin' until we empty that vault," the new heavy says. Man, that's cold. Stone cold. Handsome looks over to the woman, who actually looks a little more skeletal than Tyra Banks. He calls her "Bishop." Skeletal Tyra is no help here. Dude, you got screwed. Even Insignificant Guy is in on it. Handsome asks how long they've worked together, adding that they were hired to do a specific job. Remember the Russian embassy? Those bugs at the Black Panthers headquarters? Taping Britney Spears making fun of someone else's dancers? Good times. Stone Cold clocks Handsome on the back of the head and he drops like a handsome sack of potatoes. "Your job description's just been changed," Stone Cold says, coldly. Insignificant Guy looks like he wants to say something, but he's not being paid for that, so he just goes to get some torches.

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