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"Insurgence" Resurgence

And now the scene we all care the least about in this episode: The obligatory "Lana and her family issues" scene. I'll try to keep it brief. Lana is at The Talon at a tiny table with her biological dad and his Patricia Wettig-looking wife. She has an insanely deep voice. While Maybe Dad goes to get more coffee, Lana and Maybe Mom have a little heart-to-heart. Maybe Mom says she likes The Talon and that Lana has good taste. Except for all that pink. Pink eyeshadow, pink lipstick, pink outfit. The hell? (Fine, that was me, but still.) Lana thanks Maybe Mom for meeting her. She says she knows it can't be easy. Maybe Mom ignores that and says that Lana seems like a very together young woman. (Cough. Cough.) She says she's going to be candid. She doesn't want Lana to get too close to her dad. Not because of Lana but because the guy has a tendency to lose interest in things. Like his own two kids in boarding school he never calls and his own damn wife. She says she's just trying to keep Lana from being crushed. Basically, he's all ambition, no follow and fights for losing causes until things get too hard. Lana's not too happy about this. Lana's about to cry. Maybe Dad comes back and asks what they've been talking about. They don't say anything.

Outside LuthorCorp, a newscaster for what looks like the "ZAP" network is doing a broadcast on the hostage situation. Clark and Bo, who are never ever watching TV at home, just happen to be in the living room watching as the broadcast comes on. Bo's even reading a book, which is way unbelievable. "Mom," Clark says when they mention an unidentified female employee on the air. "If anybody tries to hurt your mother," Bo begins, and he and Clark both scramble to the door. Bo stops Clark and tells him he's not going to try to stop him, but to be careful. Bo says he'll follow Clark in the truck and get there as soon as he can. Clark says there's a faster way to get there; he just has to talk to Lex.

More vault-breaking action. Dead Handsome Asian's phone is ringing. Stone Cold takes the phone and tells Insignificant Guy to take the body out of there. "What?" Stone Cold says into the phone. Lex, in his own office, says he hired them to install bugs, not create a media circus. Lex asks who it is. Stone Cold identifies himself. "You show me your Caller ID, I'll show you mine," he says. Lex wants to speak to Handsome Asian. Stone Cold says that Handsome Asian is definitely not in charge anymore. He hangs up. In the background, poor Handsome Asian is being dragged by his feet across the floor. He makes an icky sliding sound.

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