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"Insurgence" Resurgence

Just as Lex is getting off the phone, Bo Duke walks in unannounced. Yep, that's some airtight fucking security right there. How did those bugs ever end up in this office? "I take it you've seen the news," Lex says. Bo says that if he hadn't been bull-headed, he and MamaKent would probably be on their way to dinner. "Instead..." he begins. Lex cuts him off and says there's plenty of blame to go around. Bo breathes deeply. Bo asks Lex, after a long pause of delicious waiting, if he'd -- "Sure, Mr. Kent. I'll give you a helicopter ride to Metropolis," Lex says. See how he waited and then interrupted? That's genius.

Clark in Metropolis. A crowd of people are being ushered back from the LuthorCorp building. Some people are on their cell phones or talking into microphones. Clark manages to get past a barricade and looks up, way up at the buildings. A cop pushes him back. SWAT soldiers line up while Clark spies a sewer grate. He starts to pull on it. A woman pulls a gun on him and tells him to stand up and put his hands over his head. It's LadyCop. And she doesn't come with a safety strip. Clark stands up, puts his hands on his head, and says he can explain. She digs around in his crotch, looking for weapons, which we see from a below-ground view from the grating. She's older-looking than most guest stars on the show, and in a really good way. She's actually believable as a tough cop. She lets Clark talk. He says his mom is up in that building. She asks if he was gonna play hero. LadyCop says Clark nearly got his mother killed; the building has all of its openings wired to the security system and the crooks have access to it. She says that if someone sticks a big toe in, they'll know. "Come on, hero, you're coming with me," she says. Clark goes.

Inside. More vault-cracking. Tyra has cut a piece out of the wall and taken it out, but there still seems to be about thirty-three layers of metal left. Insignificant Guy frets that their two captors saw them shoot Handsome Asian. He lamely says that he's not going down for murder. Stone Cold says they'll deal with them when the time comes. Papa Luthor leans in and whispers to MamaKent that he knows what she's thinking; she'd be at home with her family if it weren't for Papa Luthor. She says she doesn't blame him. She's just sad she left on bad terms with Bo. Papa says he had a row with Lex that morning, too. Sad, sad, people. "If they kill us, those will be the last words we spoke to each other," he says overdramatically. We cut to a drill trying to puncture through the vault wall. Tyra's doing the drilling still. She calls Stone Cold over to take over with his part. He attaches what looks like a Super Big Gulp with a flexible straw. He uses some gas to bring down the temperature. Ice to see you! He takes a crowbar and smashes right through some frozen material. That's not how you really do it, is it? The vault is opened. They stare into it. "What the hell is this?" Tyra asks. It's a bunch of huge watermelon Jolly Ranchers! Hooray! No, wait, it's very neat bars of meteor rock. MamaKent sees the bricks. Papa Luthor rubs his chin smugly.

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