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"Insurgence" Resurgence

Outside, Bo and Lex have just arrived together. Lex says it's fine and gets them through the barrier. Bo spots Clark, who is hanging out with LadyCop. LadyCop tells Bo to take Clark away from the building or she'll arrest him. I love LadyCop. Lex starts to introduce himself to the LadyCop, but she knows who he is. He asks to be let in on the negotiations. She leads him away.

Clark and Bo. Clark tells him he may have found a way into the building: "No one's watching The Daily Planet." Clark looks up and we see a big building with a huge globe at the top. The familiar symbol of The Daily Planet. Nice. Bo says that surely Clark can't be considering jumping. "It's the only way," Clark says. What about Lex's helicopter? Can't they do a little fly-by? Bo says it's over two hundred feet. Still looking up, Clark nervously says he can make it. Bo adds that Clark is afraid of heights. "If we're not here to save Mom, why are we here?" Clark asks. A question for the ages. Bo says he's concerned, but that they can't make a mistake that'll get her killed. Clark looks up again at the Planet.

Later that evening. It's dark out. Inside, Stone Cold is carrying out a stack of folders from the vault and bitching about money that isn't there. Papa Luthor says he told him there was nothing they would want. Instead of shooting him or clubbing him about the head, Stone Cold loses his temper and throws a stack of folders. Boy, this guy's a real loose cannon. As Tyra tries to get Stone Cold's attention, MamaKent notices that one of the folders is labeled "Clark Kent Confidential." That's what they should have named this show. Papa Luthor is still with the smug smile. And hey, remember that octagon-shaped disc? Stone Cold pulls it out of a glass cylinder they found inside the vault. Stone Cold takes it over to Papa Luthor, pulls back the man's fine, lustrous hair roughly (mind the waves!) and asks what it is. Papa Luthor asks MamaKent to remind the thug that he's blind and can't see what the hell the guy is talking about. He takes off his shades to make the point. It's bunk, but more on that later. Papa Luthor asks MamaKent to describe what the guy is holding. MamaKent nervously describes the octagon metal object. "It's nothing. Keepsake," Papa Luthor says. MamaKent looks at Papa suspiciously.

Outside. A helicopter is circling the building. LadyCop is on the phone with Stone Cold. He asks about his transportation. She says they need a show of good faith first and that he should release one of the hostages. So, like, half his hostages then? He says that's fine, and roughly pulls up MamaKent. He takes her to a window where he has two guns pointed at her and says that if they don't do what he says in the next ten minutes, they can take her out in a body bag. Yikes. They say they're working on it and to stay cool up there. Lights flash. MamaKent cowers. Down below, Bo and Clark are worried.

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