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Raiders of the Lost Heart

Talon. Lois, in her apartment, says, "Clark, you don't have to hide the truth any longer." She knows his secret. "The fact is, knowing you're the Blur just makes me love you even more!" She's speaking very earnestly... to her mirror. Also, she's wearing some weird white minidress and gold armband. She chides herself for sounding like a bad soap opera. Well, that's Smallville for ya. She keeps practicing what she wants to say to Clark. "Hey, Clark, you were blur-riffic!" She winces at her own pun and bends down to adjust her knee-high gold sandals. Were we already due for another costumed Lois episode? Her timer buzzes and she rushes to stuff the last of her accoutrements into her gigantic purse. As she does so, she continues practicing, even role-playing Clark's part of their future conversation. The Clark of her imagination sounds a lot smoother than the Clark we see on a weekly basis. That's love for ya, I guess. She giggles girlishly at her own improv. "When I realized the man I loved and the hero I admired were the same person, it was like everything just fit into place," she says. She sighs and decides to start with coffee and donuts. She puts on a trench and turns to the mirror again. "Carpe diem, Lois, you can do this," she self-affirms. "And by tomorrow, you'll be living in a brand new world." Her confident smile gives way to a little look of worry. Meanwhile, the Isis Amulet is glowing in her purse. Somebody save us from lax customs procedures that let people carry ancient evil artifacts into the country!

LuthorCorp. Oliver's on the phone with someone, all riled up and telling them in Arabic to find the amulet. Multilingual guys are so hot. Clark walks into his office just as Oliver's finishing up his call. Oliver sizes up Clark: "Concerned look, stoic silence? What are you wearing, anyway?" It's a dress shirt and slacks. Why the sartorial confusion? Clark announces he's going to tell Lois his secret. Oliver makes a surprised face. "Okay, that's officially the biggest news I've heard all day." You need to get out more. Clark says he saw the future. Now Oliver thinks that's the biggest news of the day. Also: "You know you sound crazy when you talk that way, right?" Heh. Clark explains that in the future, Lois already knew the secret, but Clark didn't see how or when he told her. Clark babbles a bit until Oliver cuts him off. "And you came here hoping I'd talk you out of telling her?" Oliver guesses. "No!" Clark quickly replies. Then: "...Maybe." Oliver gives him the go-ahead. "Coming out was the best thing I ever did," he says. "I can finally be myself around here, and it turns out people actually like the real me!" It's sort of interesting how hard they're pushing the closet metaphor this season, complete with conservative and liberal politics picking sides. Oliver is showing Clark his gift basket (that's not a metaphor) and other goodies he's received from his adoring public. There's also a box of "Fortifix" cereal bearing his image. Wheat sheaves stick up behind him like arrows in a quiver. Clark is confused. "If I recall correctly, you coming out to Lois did not have a happy ending," he says. "You told Lois the truth, and she dumped you." Oliver makes a little sound of protest and insists their mutual break was totally mutual, or words to that effect. He says he and Lois weren't meant to be together. Oliver tells Clark that Lois loves him. Then he gets sad about living without love. Clark makes a sensitive face, which is not unlike the face of an empathetic beagle. "The question you have to ask yourself," Oliver says, "is what are you willing to risk for love?"

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