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Raiders of the Lost Heart

In an effort to remedy his confusion, Clark has gone to Watchtower to contact Carter Hall, a.k.a. Hawkman. He's not having much luck, though, because Carter is offline and hasn't set up his voicemail yet or whatever crazy reason the show needs to delay solving the problem. Oliver, heavy books in hand, joins Clark and snarks about "Professor Hawk-head" being out of reach. Also, the two sides of Oliver's shirt are totally uneven most of this episode and it kind of drives me nuts. Maybe he finds shirts confusing, and that's why he goes without them so often. Anyway, Clark thinks they should call Tess for help. "Did you hit your head?" Oliver asks comically. He doesn't trust Tess and he doesn't want her taking Chloe's place. Plus, he brought books! What more do they need? He canceled the gala, so now they can read, read, read! Clark regards his old hardbound enemies warily. "Please tell me these books are going to explain what happened to Lois," he says. Oliver backs the train up a bit: "Whoa, the Isis myth isn't just about some goddess! It's about what people are willing to risk for love!" That... doesn't answer Clark's question. Like, at all. Clark says basically the same thing, but Oliver goes on about how Isis's husband Osiris was killed by his brother Set. He tries to make a joke about being an only child, but it kind of fizzles and he knows it. "Anyway, Egyptians believed that a person's soul remained in their heart." Set dismembered Osiris and Isis gathered all the pieces but couldn't find the jar containing his heart. (Again this show gives me an opening to mention that in the actual myths, it was Osiris's penis she couldn't find, because a fish ate it. That was probably trickier to work into the story, not to mention less family-friendly.)

Set also trapped Isis's spirit in the amulet to make sure she couldn't resurrect Osiris. He should have tried harder; all Lois had to do was hold up the danged thing in sunlight. Clark figures if they can find the jar, then Isis will find them. Yeah, she spent thousands of years trying, but you'll surely succeed in minutes! As Clark turns to go, Oliver calls out "Oh, Clark!" like he's going to remind him to take a jacket with him. Instead, he lays this out: "Because of his lost soul, Osiris was doomed to rule the underworld for all eternity. If Isis succeeds in resurrecting him, his kingdom will also rise." Clark thinks hard for a while. Oliver tires of waiting for Clark to get it, so he draws the conclusion for him: "She will literally unleash hell on Earth." The music tries to underscore the seriousness of the situation, but Clark's face isn't quite rising to the occasion.

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