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Raiders of the Lost Heart

LuthorCorp loading docks. Cat pops up behind some boxes in a warehouse. She crawls around for a bit and then hears a fiery whooshing noise and ducks behind a crate. As she watches, the metal door crumples like aluminum foil and Isis walks in. A guard comes running up to her and gets smashed into some boxes for his troubles. [Worst. Security guard. Ever. - Zach] Isis hears some faint whispering and follows it to a wooden crate. She runs her hand lovingly over the top and then hurls it over her shoulder. She digs through a bit of straw and comes up with a big, gold canopic jar. She gives it the googly eyes. "I have missed you for so long." You probably could have picked one up at Pier 1 or something. Her tender reunion with Jar O' Hubby is interrupted when Cat emerges from her hiding place, camera in hand. "What is this?" Isis asks. "Two stories for the price of one," Cat says. "I won't let you get away with another crime, Lois Lane!" Isis regards her like a pesky insect. Cat raises her camera just as Isis starts to shoot a ball of fire out of her hand. Clark whooshes in and the next thing Cat knows, she's sitting at a cafe, snapping a picture of a cup of coffee. That was nice of Clark to fix her up with some java instead of just zipping her out into the street. Cat is confused as hell.

Clark zips back to the loading docks, but Isis and Jar O' Hubby are gone. He straightens out the crumpled door and leaves the scene. Isis watches him from some distance away, her eyes yellow and slitted like a cat's. She finds this hunky example of modern man quite intriguing.

Tess's office. She gazes out the window at the permanently full moon while a smartly-dressed man talks to her about his therapy sessions with Alexander. "He's an unusual boy," he says. "His intelligence is off the charts for someone his age." She turns to the doctor. "Genius has a way of driving people insane," she says. "Is he stable?" Her mouth quirks in a hopeful little smile that momentarily betrays her otherwise emotionless expression. The doctor suggests moving Alexander to a facility where he can be monitored. Tess agrees. Only after the doctor leaves does Tess let her steely facade down. She looks at a picture of little Alexander. He's already wearing purple. Cat interrupts at the door. Tess tries to hide the picture, but Cat sees. She calls him "the one person you'd risk anything for," shocking Tess beyond words. "You need Peter Pan and chicken noodle soup," Cat says. Tess is confused, so Cat explains: "That's what my little boy wants when he's not feeling well." She thinks Tess is the worried mother to this redheaded little boy, but Tess disabuses her of that notion. Cat gets to the point of her visit: "I know the identity of the Blur," she says. "And that so-called hero is right in your bullpen!" They argue back and forth a bit about whether it's a good idea for someone with a secret to work for a newspaper. Cat speaks spitefully of the Blur's lying, thieving ways. Tess clearly thinks Cat is about to out Clark and does her best to steer Cat away from him. Then Cat goes "Lois Lane is the Blur!" and Tess busts out with big, genuine peals of laughter. Thusly mocked, Cat flounces off in a huff, more determined than ever to take down the Blur.

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