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Raiders of the Lost Heart

Cat runs through the museum and right into Oliver, who's done up in his Green Arrow duds. "Oh, help!" Cat mewls to him. "There's a crazy woman in tacky gladiator boots after me!" Oliver picks her up by the arms and deposits her into a nearby sarcophagus. "This isn't what I had in mind!" she cries. Oliver darts off to join the Ritual of Life already in progress. "There's gotta be an easier way for a girl to get a date in this town," he says. Dude, some guys like older women, but there's a limit. Isis psychoanalyzes Oliver: "Your heart is brave, but I can see it belongs to a lonely soul." Meanwhile, Clark is twitching on the table, ready to break out into the opening bars of the show's theme song. She goes on to say that Oliver tries to fill his heart, but it's still empty, or whatever. "Yeah, well, I may be lonely, but I'm still gonna kick your Egyptian ass!" is his retort. Lordy, this is bad. Isis doesn't think he'll hurt the body she's in, so when he hesitates she flings a fireball at him. He ducks and rolls to escape. He shouts out to Clark that the answer was in Lex's files: "Sunlight through the amulet." Isis throws another fireball at him. He raises his bow at her. Isis isn't worried, since it's nighttime. There's probably enough reflected sunlight coming off the permanently full moon to do the trick! Clark, for some reason, is suddenly able to break free of the magic ropes.

He grabs the canopic jar and calls out to her. "This ends now, or I will destroy Osiris's heart." He asks her to release Lois. "I see now that I am doomed," she says. "Our undying love shall be denied for eternity." I share this dialog with you so that you can share my pain. After making sure that Clark loves Lois and vice versa, Isis raises her dagger, ready to kill her vessel. Oliver fires off an arrow that rips the amulet from Isis's neck and sends it into Clark's waiting hand. He blasts the amulet with his heat vision. Fire swirls out of the stone, envelops Lois, then shoots back into the amulet. Clark zips over to catch Lois just as she crumples to the floor. He calls her name. Her eyes flutter open and glances around. "Did we take a behind-the-scenes tour of the museum?" She smiles up at him. "I love you, Clark, but sometimes you are such a nerd." He smiles back at her. Nerdily.

Watchtower. Oliver sits by the big, stained-glass window, chin in one hand, glass of liquor in the other. Tess walks in. "You seem far away," she says. He says he sees things more clearly now. "You were right about me turning into a caricature of myself," he tells her. "I shouldn't have said that," she says, but he doesn't let himself off the hook quite as easily. The show he was putting on (he mentions those Green Arrow girls with a twinge of embarrassment) was his way of trying to fill an emptiness. "I was lying to myself," he admits, "and you're one of the only ones what would call me on it." To her credit, she listens to all this without a hint of schadenfreude, which is something considering their history. She even gives credit where credit is due: "Another one of those is Chloe." He lets out a sigh. His shoulders fall like he's letting a weight off them, or perhaps chafing under it. "God, I miss her," he says. "I miss her laugh, and her strength. The way her eyes lit up when I entered the room." He looks at Tess. "She really loved me," he says. It's hard to judge Tess's expression. She's sympathetic, not wistful but... maybe resigned? Cassidy Freeman is great at making Tess seem unreadable while assuring you that there's something there to read. It's not the simple blankness of expression that some actors on this show (and others, of course) sometimes employ, coming across more like they're just waiting for their next lines. Oliver blames himself for burdening Chloe with his secret, which isn't really quite how it worked, but he's blue over his loss so it's understandable he'd turn inward. "She paid the price for keeping it," he says. "Oliver," Tess says, "when it comes to you, no price was too high for Chloe." Oliver quirks an apologetic smile at her, taking back what he said earlier about her not being able to see real love. She smiles, but thinks it's the truth. "And there hasn't been a lot of that in my life," she says. "Just like there hasn't been a lot of love." Previous 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12Next





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