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Raiders of the Lost Heart

They look at each for a while and Tess, slightly uncomfortable, changes the subject. "Did I drive halfway across town just for an apology?" Clark, just walking through the doors, answers: "No, it's so we could both give you something." Oliver quickly mentions why Clark's heat vision worked (he's "solar-powered") and says, aside from that, they couldn't have succeeded without Tess's help. Clark compliments her for getting so much done on a mere laptop. "Let's see what you can do with something more powerful, like Watchtower," Oliver says. "Welcome to the team." He and Clark smile at her. She struggles to smile back, but it's like her face suddenly won't quite work. So she nods shakily and thanks them. She looks into their friendly, welcoming expressions and quickly exits the room. She nearly staggers down the hall, overcome. She stops, bracing herself against the wall, her breath catching roughly. Back inside, Oliver ask Clark if they can really trust her. "We'll find out," Clark says. Outside, Tess is in tears. Aw. Hold on to that happy feeling when they start taking your help for granted later!

Luthor Mansion. Tess is home, but still feeling a little shaky. She carries a small fabric-wrapped bundle as she walks toward Alexander's bedroom. That doctor from earlier intercepts her. "I came to take the boy," he says, "but security won't let me." "Under my orders," she tells him. "Alexander is staying with me." The doctor protests, but Tess says what the boy needs is love. He reminds her the boy may be dangerous. "Why would you risk your safety?" Because risking everything for love is the theme of the episode! She just gives him a piercing look without saying anything. Defeated, he sighs. "What do you see that I don't?" Tess smiles. She sees his heart. She walks past the befuddled doctor into the bedroom, where Alexander is playing with his soldier toys. Alexander beams when he sees her. He proudly tells her he's grown since last week. She looks at a wall where his growth has been marked in chalk. In just two weeks, he's sprouted up several inches. (He's still played by the same young actor at this point, though.) She shows him the contents of the bundle -- a book for them to read together. "It's the story of Peter Pan and his friend Wendy," she says. "It's about the adventures of growing up." She sits in a chair beside his bed and he immediately climbs into her lap. She looks momentarily unsure of what to do. He leans his head on her shoulder. "I love you, Tess." She's so stunned that she can't say anything, so she presses a kiss to the top of his head. She starts to read him the story: "All children, except one, grow up..."

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